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Training Plan - Input/Feedback Would Be Great

Hi guys,

I’d love some input/criticism of my plan for the next few months

I’ll be running Primo at 700mg alongside my TRT protocol.

Diet will be completely clean - Calories will be slightly over maintenance and I will be carb cycling

I have a home gym so no cables/machines possible - Working out 4 days per week

Push A
Flat Bench Press 3 x 6-8
Shoulder Press 3 x 6-8
Squats 3 x 6-8
Tricep Dips 4 x 10-12

Pull A
Deadlifts 4 x 6-8
Chin Ups 3 x 6-8
Wide Grip Pull Ups 3 x 6-8
EZ Bar Biceps 3 x 6-8

Push B
Incline Press 3 x 6-8
Chest Dips 3 x 10-12
Flys 3 x 10-12
Split Squats 3 x 6-8

Pull B
Deadlifts 4 x 6-8
Hammer Curl 3 x 6-8
Bent over row 3 x 6-8
Seated incline curls 3 x 10-12

I’m not a model, bodybuilder or strength athlete - Training purely for vanity :slight_smile:

Keen to get some input on this routine and if I am making an major errors. My one concern is my legs are too thin compared to the rest on my body and perhaps i’m not giving them enough focus

Current Stats

33 yo


79KG at 13% BF


Goals i.e. cutting or bulking? Primo isn’t that good for bulking IMO. Maybe for a tru cutting cycle but a bit meh for bulking

@700 might be getting you some androgenic sides, any issues in the past?

Doesn’t sound like much of a plan never mind a good one. Appropriate diet will depend on your exact goals but a few things:

For body composition goals caloric balance and macro nutrient intake/split is more important than food composition or dieting clean.

You’ve not mentioned any numbers not even a basic estimate of starting macros.

Carb Cycling is a tool… don’t see why you would be using it in your proposed plan tho. Why?

Wut are your Squat Bench Didlift numbers? Skinny legs could just be from squatting bitch weight so is an easy fix: Do squats both push days first. Drive that shit up you’re playing on easy ffs. Get some wheels.

Sorry don’t mean to be rude - but I’m not looking for advice on the diet or the cycle it was more around the workout plan but I do agree I could have provided more detail.

I do really know how to diet and have that side of things nailed down. I Used to be 98kg and unable to do any more than 3 push ups . I got myself in shape through diet and training.

I know primo isn’t a popular choice for most but I’ve ran it before and achieved solid gains at a 500 calorie deficit, which is why I’m going to run it a little over maintainece this time. I might bump up the calories more as I progress but starting small. - primo does work on a defect so I imagine a small surplus will only yeild greater results.

My reason for carb cycling is straightforward - ensuring I am have as much energy as possible during training days so I can work out with as high intensity and maximising fat burning on rest days.

In terms of macros - 1g protein per lb of bodyweight + 60g fat and adjust the carbs accordingly. My maintaiance calories are 2400 so after the carb cycling is taken into account it will work out at

2880 on training days
1920 on rest days

My goal is to add mass without losing my lean look. I’m not in any rush and having spent many years overweight, I’ve no interest in “bulking up” to the cut. I know that’s the most efficient way but not for me.

I’m also on medically prescribed trt, not from AAS use - which is why I like primo, no conversion to worry about and doesn’t interfered with my trt or blood tests. I know most people arent that keen on it but I got great results, lean gains fat loss and looking and feeling like stone at a large defect.

My bench is 90kg
My squat is only 80 - I totally agree that my skinny legs are from lifting like a bitch. I’ve broken both knees many years ago and whist they are fully recovered something in my head stops me pushing as hard through an irrational fear of then breaking - I know it’s stupid. Want bigger legs… squat more. Not even sure why I mentioned it as it’s so obvious

Well… as long as you know lel.

Pls tell me that’s for reps…

Bench could use some work too lel. Even for full natty dudes that’s kinda meh depending on how long you’ve been lifting. To be fair there’s different ways to progress but lifting more is simple and easy to keep track of / gauge progress with.

Past injuries are scary but at least with bone the body has incredible healing potential. Bone goes through a few weeks/months of healing but then enters the remodeling phase. Pretty much normal bone by this point, it responds to stimulus/loading and given the right environment nutrition wise adapts to become stronger or weaker. There is no good reason that bone cannot heal to be stronger than pre-fracture.

Will discuss more below but you’re gonna start Squatting first every push day and may as well scrap the split squats / lunges or whatever. Don’t max out randomly. Build.

Drop the weight and rep it out. Come back in and do an extra rep per set. Next time maybe add another set. This way you can force overload, progress and growth instead of waiting for it to happen.

Anecdotally at least AAS usage buffs up around the shoulder girdle without even lifting but isn’t nearly as helpful with your lower body. That’s why chicken legs seem to be everywhere these days.

Don’t mean to be rude but this “plan” is just exercise selection at best i.e. meh. Like something a terrible online coach with distribute cookie cutter like to his clients to make a quick buck. Using Soviet Sports Supplements may make a poor program work well enough but doing a good program on gear is betterer.

Judging by your 90kg bench and 80kg squat (reps) maybe your training plans aren’t exactly world class so far…who knows tho maybe you deadlift 400kg.

This dude posted earlier in the week and some of the same stuff applies to you:

Some Thoughts:

  • Do More Volume: Thems are called performance enhancing drugs for a reason. You have increased work capacity and recoverability so use it. e.g. 9 working sets/week for chest is barely anything. Start with sets of 3, next week sets of 4, then 5 and so on (or up the weight a bit). This way even if the weight stays the same the extra volume provides a growth stimulus. Growth potentiates strength. There’s your gains for years.

  • Less Variation/More Frequency: Hard to get stronger and more skilled at a lift if you barely do it once a week. Attempting to cover all your bases with a variety of exercises is directly interfering with your ability to progress on individual exercises. e.g. if you want to prioritise flat bench for example do it both push days. Do this for a month or two to develop some real strength and skill in the lift and if you stall out then switch up it to incline for two months. The strength developed in the flat will carry over to the incline and in this way you progress long term.

  • Choose an Existing Program: that orients well with your goals and is proven/well established. They take care of all the thinking and planning and you make gains. Ez. There are decent ones here on T Nation and all over the web.