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Training Plan. Fresh or Rotten?


Have been reading over a lot of the articles written over the years, particularly some of the stickies, and have attempted to draw up a training routine following some of the general guidelines and recommendations. The routine will be based mostly around functional hypertrophy (6-8 reps per set) with some structural hypertrophy (8-12 reps per set) for the few isolation-based exercises I've included. A 4-day set-up (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) by way of an Upper/Lower Split, all with the intention of adding strength and size.

Monday; (Lower, Quad-Dominant)
Front Squats 3/4, x 6-8
Goblet Squats 3/4, x 6-8
Leg Press 3/4, x 6-8
Single-Leg Ext. 3, x 8-12
Standing Calf-Raise 3, x 8-12

Tuesday; (Upper, Horizontal Push/Pull)
Bench Press 3/4, x 6-8
Barbell Row 3/4, x 6-8
Incline Dumbbell Press 3/4, x 6-8
Dumbbell Row 3, x 8-12
EZ-Bar Curl 3, x 8-12

Thursday; (Lower, Hip-Dominant)
Deadlifts 3/4, x 6-8
Dumbbell SLDL 3/4, x 6-8
Leg Curls 3, x 8-12
Weighted Bridges 3, x 8-12
Seated Calf Raises 3, x 8-12

Friday; (Upper, Vertical Push/Pull)
Military Press 3/4, x 6-8
Chin-Ups 3/4, x 6-8
Dips 3/4, x 6-8
Lateral Raises 3, x 8-12
Cable Pressdowns 3, x 8-12

Have tried to balance out everything, and give it some sort of decent structure. Core work will be done on off-days. Have I made any ridiculous omissions or put anything together which just doesn't gel? Rip it apart if needs be- just looking for some feedback.


Is there a reason that you’re averse to just doing a program?

Just do a program.


Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.


[quote]LazyElemental wrote:
Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

Oh, believe me, I saw that routine and have considered it. At the minute however, I don’t have as much free time as I have done, which is why my split is spread over 4 days, not 5. I had also wanted to try hitting upper and lower body twice a week, which I haven’t really experimented with before.


if you continue reading he has laid out 4 day and 3 day splits (His 3 day split is a 6 day rotation of push/pull/legs)


All BBB workouts can be done in less than an hour, and there’s a 4 day version.