Training Plan for No Equipment

My friend asked me for advice on losing some weight. He has no equipment whatsoever, can’t afford to get a gym membership, has a baby, and has 3 jobs. This is what I gave him.

Day 1-
Squats- Bodyweight, 3-5 sets of 15-30. Go as deep as possible.
Pushups- Bodyweight, 3-5 sets of as many as possible.
Situps and leg raises- 4 sets of each, back to back, as many reps as possible.
Sprints- Find a field, sprint 50 yards. Bear crawl back. Try for 6-10. Or if you can find a hill, sprint up, walk down. 6-10 times.

Day 2-
Fill your ruck as heavy as you can, drive to a field with a childrens play structure and do the following.
-Bear hug and walk as far as possible
-10 bear hug squats
-Evac Drag by carrying handle
-10 burpees
-Evac Drag with one hand, then switch hands
-Pullups, as many as you can on whatever you can. Or burpees x 10

Repeat this 3-5 times.

Day 3-
Ruckmarch- do stairs, run light posts, hills, whatever you can, make it hard.

Day 4-
Bodyweight squats, as many as possible in 20 seconds, then 10 seconds of rest. Repeat 8 times.

Notes: Try to get out for a walk everyday.

It’s short and simple. Any thoughts to improve?

Find some way to get a kettlebell, and start swinging and snatching it.

Add pullups, or hanging horizontal pullups. No bar? Tree branches or schoolyard gym. If he has a deck, pullups.

Looks like a good workout plan…If he has worked out before, it might get mundane… Have him set times for him self each day or when he worksout. So First day legs days body squats- 3 sets x 3 minutes 30 sec rest in between each set, super set with lunges either 2 x 2 minutes or 3x 100 yds. rest 2 min then a whole new group of exercises leg raises 3x 3 min 20 sec rest super set close medium wide pushups 3 x 3 min, foloowed by squat thrust 2x 2 min. And so forth

Be good if you could get some rings, hang em from a tree or something. Otherwise that’s pretty good workout.

Run away from home for 16 minutes then make it back before the clock hits 30 minutes.

[quote]Nards wrote:
Run away from home for 16 minutes then make it back before the clock hits 30 minutes. [/quote]

Really like this idea.

If he has a car, or access to one (i.e. yours?), push it- total body strength and very hard cardio.

You can get a bag of sand from a builders yard for less than a pound/ dollar, or steal one from a road works site. Do turkish get ups, half moons, etc.

If there’s woods nearby some log exercises, cleans and step ups, throws, etc.

Partner bodyweight exercises- fireman carry, zercher carry, piggy back, etc.

I think it’s a good start.

Equipment should never be the limiting factor in fitness; however, rigging a simple duffel-bag filled with 100# of rocks is as cheap as it gets and is very effective for building strength and conditioning.

The plans in this document call for sand but I recommend using rocks (pea gravel) instead because it is easier clean up if it spills or if the bag breaks.

The movements that can be done with this simple piece of equipment will keep a newb challenged for a long time.

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My all time favorite bodyweight workout is the deck of cards.

[quote]JFG wrote:

Or google Zuzana and try not to get too horny.[/quote]

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Tabata training with Kettlebells and burpees will torch his fat but if the guy wants to lose weight I would suggest that he gets his diet sorted first and worries about his workouts later. The start of a good fitness plan begins in the kitchen.