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Training Plan for Busy Schedule/Stress?

Does anyone know a good schedule to turn Westside style conjugate training to a 8-9 day week. I’m starting a full-time job plus I’m going to be finishing a class I got an incomplete in the Fall so I need more recovery time and flexibility in my workout schedule.

I need to fit these in:

ME legs Monday

mountain biking Tuesday or Wednesday

ME upper Thursday

DE legs Saturday

mountain biking Sunday

RE upper Monday

ME legs Tuesday or Wednesday

Or would I just be better off with 5/3/1 on a 3 workouts a week schedule. I don’t hear of people running conjugate method training on more than a 7 day week so I was wondering if there was a good reason why. Hopefully as I adjust to my new schedule I’ll be able to go back to a 7 day workout week.

I personally know a world champion that has run WBC on a 3 day a week schedule. Instead of it being:

Sunday: dynamic bench
Monday: ME squat
Wednesday: ME bench
Friday: dynamic squat

everything just gets shifted down and it takes a full month to complete.

Week 1
Monday: dynamic bench
Wed: me squat
Friday: me bench

Week 2
Monday: dynamic squat
Wednesday: dynamic Bench
Friday: me squat

Week 3
Monday: me bench
Wednesday: dynamic squat
Friday: dynamic Bench

Week 4
monday: me squat
Wednesday me bench
friday : dynamic squat

just hard to keep track of, but it can and has been done successfully.

Well, keeping track of it will be a non-issue since I keep a log. Good to hear it’s been done before and that I won’t be treading in new waters. I’ll do it. Maybe I won’t even have to deload as often. I’ll just have to see.

There are a few things you could try, personally, i’ve done this before when I was a lot busier than i am now.

I took some inspiration from this article


And basically did this. I could only really commit to two sessions a week, so i programmed those pretty precisely. If I could make it into the gym 1-2 more times, i just did a straight forward assistance workout, 5x10 for some weak points. I still used a regular 3 week DE cycle, but it was obviously spread about quite a bit more. Something like this

Week 1 ME Workout, assistance days if I had time
Week 2 ME Workout, assistance days if I had time
Week 3 DE workout, assistance days if I had time

I’d also sometimes include depth pushups and box jumps in my warm up. I didn’t get any slower while doing this, but Im back to the standard four day template now.