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Training Plan Advice?

Hi any help is greatly appreciated. The attached pics is my current training split an dit consists of 3x a week. A lower day, upper day and a full body day. Sessions are taking between 60-90 mins. If you can offer any advice on this it would be great. Too much, too lille volume, exercises etc.

What are some of the abbreviations: TDS? RPS (rest-pause set)? MR (guessing max reps)? PR (guessing PR set. Weird that only appears once)? WM is widowmaker? Looks like you’re kinda-sorta-almost doing DC training, so why not just follow that program directly?

What’s your actual goal? If it’s strength, like you’ve tagged the thread, then the workout is all wrong. Too many exercises and too many reps in most sets.

What’s your current height/weight/fat level? And what kind of numbers are you moving for reps on the biggest lifts during these workouts?

On leg day: If you can do leg press and single-leg press and walking lunges and leg extensions and leg curls and calf raises after the widowmaker set, you didn’t push yourself hard enough on the widowmaker.

On upper body day: Doing machine side raises and dumbbell side raises is redundant. Pick one, put the other on the full body day (if you feel it’s necessary). I don’t like the set of 6-8 on machine preachers. Keep the reps on that more like 10+.

On the full body day: With full body workouts, one exercise per bodypart is plenty - squats and RDLs and ham curls and leg extensions is redundant; two chest exercises and two back exercises is redundant.

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Do you like your split?

Are you seeing progress?

If the answers to those is “yes” then don’t worry about what others think.

Tds- triple drop set, rest pause set, pivotal rep set, Muscle round which is 6x6 with short rest periods. My goal is to increase strength and size and in turn improve body composition. My cals are just above maintenance as I don’t wanna just gain fat quickly so I will have to be patient with that one. As for the program the coach who set this up said the different rep ranges are optimal for growth as they will hit the different fibres. To be honest I have been progressing with all the lifts but some of the sessions seem to drag on for some time.

What is your current strength level? What is your current strength goal?

Dude. If a coach set up the plan, any and all questions should go to them. They should be able to explain why the plan is perfect as-is. If they can’t, that’s a big red flag.

Get more strict with the rest periods and consider supersetting where ever possible (leg curls/extensions, pulldowns/Smith press, arm stuff, chest press/t-bar row, etc.)

Like I said I am currently progressing but like you pointed out it feels like I am doing the same exercises in the same sessions and as for the rest times I keep them strict but the sessions seem long still. I added it on here to see what other people thought of the program before i changed anything, I no longer use the coach by the way. Would you reduce the exercises per session or change to Upper, lower, rest, upper, lower etc.

You keep skipping the questions about you. All of this info will inform changes to the plan:

What’s your current height/weight/fat level? And what kind of numbers are you moving for reps on the biggest lifts during these workouts?

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I would find a coach you do trust, online or otherwise and do what they suggest.

And no, I don’t like that plan, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be effective if executed with conviction.

Sorry I didn’t realise I had been asked these. Height is 5ft10,weight is 176 lbs, I’d say around 12% bf so fairly lean with visible abs. Some numbers for example leg press 280kg for 9 reps, hack squat 90kgfor 7 reps, seated plate loaded chest press 60kg each side for 9,rdl 150kg 7 reps, etc.

How would you go about changing this?

Lol think you goofed

What do you mean?

Goofed was not directed at you

If in doubt just run through programs off this site.
If like that style of training try one these…

I don’t know enough about you, your training history, your preferences, weaknesses etc. To make that call.

My advice is either:
A) Pick a plan by a proven author that excites you and meets your goals/restrictions.
B) Make your own plan that excites you to train and make sure you’re monitoring progress sensibly and adjusting as needed. Objectively assessing progress towards your goal will be key here.

I would make the changes I suggested earlier. Streamline the exercise choices and/or just run DC Training as it’s meant to be done. If you like this style of training (the high intensity work, rest-pause stuff, the widowmakers, etc.), just do it the way we know works. It’s still lifting “only” 3 days a week, so you’re good on that front.

You’re lean right now, so you’re in a really good place to grow with a good plan and good nutrition.

I just wanted to quote your questions to make sure he saw them. Definitely good to make sure he’s not, like, weighing 140 pounds hack squatting 95 for the “widowmaker”. But yeah, the post came out a little weird. Meh, it happens.

Thanks for the advice, I think I will give dc a go. Is there a link on here or an official page so I know I am getting the correct info. I have searched on here quickly and it’s a lot of people’s adaptations of the program

I linked to it in my first reply: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/how-to-build-50-pounds-of-muscle-in-12-months

This coach? What is his actual resume? Does he have a track record with training strong and built individuals? Or is he some trainer at some commercial gym ? Based on the exercise selection im leaning toward the 2nd option.