Training - physical appearance

I’ve been training now for 3 years and have made good progress. My reason for starting in the first place was for a better physical appearance. The paradox here is that I look good naked or in a T-shirt, but when dress formally in a suit with a shirt and tie, my chest has grown significantly and my neck has thickened. There must be more of you out there who work in offices that have the same problem with wearing a suit? - Should I cut down on chest and trap workouts???

First, get rid of the job that makes you wear a suit. Who the heck wants to wear a suit all day?!?

Just joking. In all seriousness, maybe you just need to get bigger suits? Do you get them customed tailored?

Most suits are cut, including some sort of padding in the shoulders, to make you look bigger. If you really are bigger under there it does mess with the look. It’s like a gorilla wearing a gorilla costume in a way. I’d talk to a tailor, I’m sure they can help you out.

I wear a 54 long jacket and have a 36 inch waist so i would never find anything to look right off the rack, I went to Tom James and had three suits custom tailored and they fit and look great. It is soooo worth the extra money not to look like a fool wearing a suit off the rack. Its the price you pay for not being an average suit-off-the-rack kind of guy. If you wanted to be average looking you probably would never have found this website.

I kinda like the way my shirts get stretched across the chest and go baggy around the waist. Its the sleeves the can be a problem, tend to cut off the blood flow if too tight. Remember they make that suit stuff for the whimps who never see the inside of a gym and most likely ask their wives or girl friends for permission when they want to go pee pee. Be happy you got it and be proud of the work that went to getting it. OH yea just another thing: Ever meet one great person that was normal?

I agree with Alphamale and the others: get tailor-made suits. I have the same problem: size 46+ with 32-34 inch waist and 38’'sleeve length. It’s worth the extra money since you’ll look great, feel great and when you’re wearing a suit, it’s really all that matters.

So keep the chest and traps programs!


i usually get a size 50 suit, athletic cut, and get all the alterations done for about $30. might be an option to an all out tailor made suit, which can get pricy.

If Hannibal Apparel gets back on line, they’d be a good place to look. Also, Rheingold Fashions has good (conservative) cuts for us. Plus, Lori Rheingold is a GREAT customer service type person. As an example – When I was first buying from her (she’s in NY, I’m in WA), I didn’t know quite the sise I’d need. She sent out three sizes and just said “Keep the one that fits, send the others back.” How many people would do that? Great lady, great business.