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Training Philosophy

i think im doing it wrong, but can u help me out?
when u lift, is it more like trying to lift a very heavy weight, or squeeze the muscle hard, using a weight to make the cointraction more intense?
i think ive been doing the 1st one, with few gains

Lift the weight.

If you concentrate on what is important moving the load from point A to point B the gains will come if you are eating and resting for it.

ok thanks phil its just ive had shaky experiences at best with benches, rows where i tried to push my max (in the 5 rep range) cos my form seemed a bit off, so no gains
cheers tho main

Take time move up learn to control the load. build the stabilizers. But no excuse in not going heavy and Moving the load. Just take time. Concentrate on what is important moving that weight in an effecient manner, migth be slow due to the load, but your controlling it and moving it as FAST as you can, that load.

thanks phil ur a cool guy. always ready to help and not get shirty if the question seems beneath u. thanks again man