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Training Personal Records


I don't know if this has been done before here in the Strength Sports forum, but I think it would be nice to track everyone's progress.

Everytime I train I strive to set a PR in something. I would love for it to be a weight PR but that isn't going to happen. Most times I have to settle for a rep PR, but I'm sure to always set a PR in something. This style of short term goal setting has really helped my progress over the last few years.

It would be cool to hear about everyone's daily PR's. And please don't start out by saying- "my numbers aren't as high as some of the others". That is not what this is about. This is meant to show everyone that progress is acquired at every level of experience.

I would really like to see some vids of your lifts. We don't have enough of that around here. Videoing your training can do wonders. You immidiately can see form issue or imbalances. Also, if you finally hit a weight or rep scheme that you've been working so hard for, then you will have it on video to keep for as long as you decide.

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Bench PR

I dont know about PR's at the moment since im in season but my training partner and I have a fair few vids up on youtube, here is his page:



good stuff. I'm sure you can agree that videoing your training has really benefitted you greatly. I video anytime i attempt a new PR.


I'll throw my latest PR's in from my last ME bench day.

I'm currently training for a single lift bench and single lift deadlift comp in February. During this minicyle i've been doing board presses and each week i lower the board by one. As a second movement i've been repping 405. unfortunately i've been stuck at 7 reps for about 6 months. this past week i finally popped out 8.

also, i hit a weight PR on neutral grip incline dumbell presses paused at the chest. This is a brutal movement for hitting the inner part of the tricep.


I think taping your training is honestly one of the best things that you can do. It makes a huge difference in terms of being able to spot problems, form issues etc.

Plus through the internet you can get good adivce from other people (although probably not on youtube!).


definitly not on youtube. I have so many vids up now that i get, probably, 4 or 5 comments a day on various different movements. Most of the time they are positive but sometimes you get some pretty ignorant but still pretty funny comments. Most comments I leave up. There have only been a couple that i've actually removed becuase they were just way beyond the scope of reason. you can always count on great "advice" from those who have no video evidence to back up that "advice".


Some of them are totally ridiculous to be honest! Its good to see other peoples form/ways of doing things/exercises they use in youtube clips too. Plus its good to put names to faces as it were.


exactly. i love the posts where someone will say-" i'd like to see you try that weight from the floor" when i'm doing an elevated deadlift to work a sticking point. i don't even bother explaining it anymore.

I think a lot of people on this site should post evidence that they have some idea of what they are talking about. too many people bust on others and/or come across as some expert when in reality that have nothing to show for it.

i'm all about putting names with faces. what's with all this secrecy that most posters have. Some people have legitimate reasons for staying private but most do not.


Very true. There are so many people who post advice, but its often hard to judge whether they are speaking from experience or just chatting shit they re read in an article.

Its very noticeable that people who speak with aurthority in this forum back it up, eg yourself, hanley, stallion etc etc.


I hit a PR today on my ME Lower day :)! Even though I felt really beat up I hit 2 reps @ 130 kg in the below parallell box squat. This was a 5 kg increase of my 2rm from my last squat session 3 days ago.

I also increased my reverse lunge weight from 65 to 70 kg for 3 sets of 6 reps/leg.

All in all a good session.


i've found that i have some of my best training sessions when i'm a bit tired or rundown. then there are times i feel great and i have a crappy day.. go figure.

two weight PR's in one session is awesome. i can't remember the last time i did that.


Good time for this post. I hit two PRs in the deadlift last night, ending with a 55lbs PR (since March 30). My form was atrocious on the last one, it wouldn't have passed in competition, but I got it without hitching. I got video, but I don't want to get laughed out of here.


form always looks like crap on max attempts. next time it will look better. put up the vid. trolls will be shot.


My most recent PRs:

Squat 320 lbs

Deadlift 350 lbs

I love doing the videos for training, it really helps me see where I am messing things up!


it had to be the argyle socks:) great form. looked like you had a lot more in your squat.




Just goes to show: argyle can be worn anywhere.


I finally pulled 2 plates on Wednesday, but I have no video so it never happened ) - :
I'll be looking for some big PRs in 2 weeks at my meet.


this is old news to me:) yeah.. get a vid.. otherwise it's just in your head.


I'll try to have 365x1 boxsquat taped and 455 deadlift taped when I hit them in the upcoming weeks.