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Training Personal Records Part 4

Your beautiful hair!


Hahaha yeah… receding hairline was getting pretty bad, to the point that styling it was getting dangerously close to combover territory so decided to take the honorable way out before it became too obvious

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Great work on the Strong lifts!

I always like to check out your gym and your lifting. So what’s been up lately? I see the giant cambered bar and the foam pad on the box squats. How does that feel on the hips?

And what’s up with the 1 board press? We were just debating wether or not that helps off the chest, last week.

Yeah just go the cambered bar in a few weeks ago, running in for a 4 week dynamic wave now. I’ve only used it once so far, but I already really like it. Box squatting with it really feels like a good in-between of a low bar squat and a sumo deadlift. For me, that’s perfect because I can’t handle squatting AND pulling twice a week, so the cambered bar will hopefully be a compromise, like effectively squatting and pulling 1.5 times a week if that makes sense…

Threw out an old couch so I decided to steal the foam from one of the cushions. Honestly, never really had problems box squatting to a hard box, so adding the foam only marginally made it more comfortable, but I could see how it would be really usefully for teaching someone to stay controlled sitting back onto the box.

I like to use a 1-board most of the time on my close grip benching just because with CG I want to keep tension on the triceps and if I go to the chest I feel like I get a little out of position and end up using more chest/delts to get the weight moving out of the bottom. As I type this, I’m noticing my DOMs in my triceps lol. I’m not sure about 1-boards for power off the chest… if a lifter uses a lot of leg drive to get the weight moving out of the bottom and a 1-board forces them to “muscle” it more rather than relying on the pop out of the bottom, I could see it having some carryover. Personally, my favorite move for building strength out of the bottom are cambered bench bar (buffalo bars work too as long as your grip isn’t super narrow) Spoto presses. So basically, you utilize the camber to allow you to bring the bar down to the same point that a straight bar would be touching your chest (or just a bit lower) and hold it for a solid 2-3 count. Since the bow/camber keeps the bar from actually contacting your chest, all the tension is in your upper body muscles and you get almost no “pop” from leg drive.