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Training Personal Records Part 4


Keep the tradition going. Let's see some PR's


Powerlifting PRs Thread

unwrapped squat PR from today


last thread with maraudermeat is locked. today is a sad day.


Well you have the same shoes and knee sleeves as me... so that must mean I just need to get a lever belt to squat as much as you do.



I wonder what Jesse Norris' equipment setup is...


Pulled 200 kg easily yesterday for a 15 kg PR. Looking for 210-220 kg at a mock meet in about 5 weeks.


Did 5 reps with 270 last night on RDL's.


Where all the PR's at?

Easing my way up
465x4 (5lb PR)


315 for 21 3 rep PR.


Reed I like it better when you use your wife's account to post your videos up here. It is a mind fuck and gets me every time. I'll try to get a pr on the dead up soon havnt tried over 405 in a while I'm itching to get it higher. I think my squat has a better chance of pring so fuck it ill aim for both back to the grind!


Hahaha I try and remember to post with hers a few times just out of the blue for you .


Got 415 for a single It's up in my log. I'll be happier once I hit a 3xBW Deadlift but you got to take it one step at a time!


315 for 2.5 reps. I am pretty off today due to having a tooth pulled yesterday and the Oxys they put me on really have system not firing correctly. Which is why I am pretty damn proud of this. The first 2 were pretty easy but, the second one I let the bar travel to far out in front of me and it landed to low. I tried to bring it back and think if Andrew would have gave 2 seconds longer I might have but, probably a lot safer he took it.


Belt/wrap squat PR: 260kg (573lb) x3

Raw bench PR: 400lb


Hit 125 kg squat monday and 130 kg yesterday fairly easily, with greater depth and highbar. I also hit an easy 105 kg front squat for a 15 kg PR. I'm 17 now and I'm going for beating the current national DL record as a junior in the 120 kg class.


What is it with you Canadians? So many good lifters (PLer and WLer)...


It's because as kids we're weaned on a diet of pemmican, coho salmon and Kraft dinner and forced by our mothers to fell timbre and haul it back to our cabins in order to stock up for the eight-month winter. The logs get bigger as we get older. This all amidst the everpresent threat of a grizzly or moose attack (or, worse, a dual assault).

In seriousness, awesome lifts, arramzy. I really like the way you squat.

Edit: the above makes sense if you ignore my location left; born and raised in the Great White North, eh?


765 x 2



280kg belt/wrap squat PR - Not overly pretty but I will take it.