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Training Personal Records Part 3


Let's keep the PR's come'n.


I'll get the ball roll'n.

here's a couple PR's from tonight

standing military press- 300x3

pendlay rows- 335x5


No video but hit 315x3 paused bench. Never tripled 315 period let alone with a pause.

I can't wait to try a heavy single, it's been over 6 weeks and I'm freaking out, lol.

Nice on that military meat! You got any comps planned coming up?


Close Grip Incline Bench - 305x1 (5 pound PR)


415lb bench press, still a work in progress


Man I'm ready to get back into hitting some heavy singles and triples. Some good lookin lifts here. I always love Dixie's pre-lift dances.


Why so slow and tentative on the descent?


No real reason, its a bad habit I am workin on breaking myself of


I've got the same bad habit on my equipped squat.


Well, I've only been deadlifting for a few months, so I break some kind of PR every week, but this one is special. I don't think I was locking out at the top until now, so perhaps these were my first full deadlifts ever lol.

405x6 with just straps (my grip needs a lot of work)

Felt strong enough for 1-3 more, but I was just plain gassed, if that makes any sense. I am fat.


430x5 on the squat last night. I will be pulling in gear for a new PR on Friday


what gear do you pull in?


Then you will really love my post lift dance here...Ink and Ct. Rock dared me to do it, so I did. 600lb pull, youtube "do it like bernie" for the whole thing


260kg (572 pound) raw dead at 93kg. Finally getting close to 600. I'm hoping to add that last 28 pounds to the dead while losing another 3kg in the next couple months. As a side note, this is the first time in about 4 years I have been able to deadlift consistently after back injuries. I've put about 60 pounds on my old PR so far since november or december.


I got a 500 pound sumo DL the other day.


Nicely done


pendlay row- 345 x 4 + 10lb PR


Here's a video of my 235 close-grip.



some people who have posted so far could stand to lose 20-30 pounds...