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Training Personal Records - Part 2


The first thread filled up pretty quickly. There are a core group of guys and gals on this site that continue to make progress and aren't afraid to post their accomplishments. Keep posting those PR's and vids. To the rest.... keep troll'n and definitely keep that porfile set to PRIVATE:)


Can I play?

I won't be setting any PR's until Sunday, but I wanted to get in on the first page, so I could still be one of the cool kids.


I hit seated DB OHP with 90s for an easy 8 last night.

I think I'm finally ready to step to the 100s next week.

I had an Anti-PR last night: I got pinned with 275lb bench. lol, I hit it for a triple and then 285 for a triple on July 15th too. I guess it was just 'one of those things'. I hit a double after rethinking things.


Crap, now I want to run to the gym and set A pr so I can be first to post one on the thread. Unfortunately, I'm so sore I can barely walk.

Maybe I'll go do some absurd exercise like 2 finger body weight hangs for time.


of course bro.

I'll be there on Sunday to slap you around and make sure you get those PR's. my buddy and i are going to ride the Harleys down. We will be sure to bring down the property value.


4" board press - 330 x3
Box Squats at parallel - 440x5
DBBP 130 3 sets of 5
SLDL 440x5
Pullups - Bodyweight + 65lbs 3 sets of 8

all at 183lbs bw. been a GREAT day




My second meet, meet PRs for DL 440 (+35) and Bench 226 (+1- no typo), BW was 161.9.

felt really shit for the meet, couldn't squat well and that just killed my whole meet. I got openers for SQ and BP and 2nd attempt for DL only. I did not hit my personal goals or come close to gym PRs. ah well, i have a shiny gold medal to hang somewhere.

I think i'm going to woodshed for a bit, no more meets for a while and I'm going to eat and train and get a bit bigger, go up to 181.

EDIT: I put them cheap, meet PRs in BOLD.


I'd like to propose a rule or two for this new PR thread.

1) If you are going to post your PR's here, please indicate whether it was a rep PR or a weight PR, and also how much the actual PR was. (i.e. PR +10lbs, or PR +2 reps)

2) Please use the BOLD function. God made BOLD for a reason, and this is it. If you don't put your PR's in BOLD, then we know that you don't really care about your PR, so why should we?

If anyone needs a refresher course on how to BOLD, you can purchase the e-book in my online store. Paypal is accepted.


i still don't know how to BOLD. can i just put it in all CAPS?

also, how about cheap PR's?


last week hit 255x2 my revious reord was 255x1 with ass off the bench, my ass stayed on the whole time!


My deadlift PR from 2 weeks ago.


I haven't hit a PR in liftun' since April 1998 so I guess that makes me the Troll King. I did however hit a PR in a standing vertical jump this week wearing an extra 45lbs of chains for a total weight of 289lbs-22 inches. When I weighed 289 lbs I could jump higher but it's a PR because I've never done it weighted before. For those concerned that this is not a lift, sorry, but if it makes it ok'er I did it as part of a cns activation warm-up for snatch grip deadlifts.

Lower back = not worth much anymore


I got a kinda PR last night. Was able to bench 275 raw for the first time since having shoulder surgery. Felt nice to finally get the quarters back on there.


that's not how i meant it. there will be a day that my strength PR's will slow and stop. at that point it's time to switch gears and go in other directions. progress isn't always about being the strongest. as long as you are giving it all that you have then that's progress. PR's come in all shapes and sizes.

as for the troll's.. they know who they are. they are the one's that think they know everything but have NOTHING to show for it. they are the haters...the negative people who just bring down everyone.


No, CAPS don't count, it's like you are yelling at someone. The only time someone types in CAPS is when they think they are right about something (and they usually aren't), but since they don't have any evidence to prove their point, they just capitalize everything.

Cheap PR's definitely count, that's how I got my title.

BOLD Lesson #1:

Use the square brackets [ & ] and put a lower case b in between them before whatever you want to bold. Enter your PR and then finish is the square brackets with a backslash and a lowercase b.

In caps it would look like:

PR +10lbs

First lesson is free. :wink:


previous pr
245x3, minor help on last rep
245X5 MINOR HELP ON LAST REP (+2 REPS) this week my fifth reps felt like my third rep last week so all is well, im gonna try to get 6 clean reps and then move the weight up to 255 and start again, these were all paused btw


okay... i'm going to attempt to use Modi's free lesson.

Bent over Barbell row - 405x10 + 2 rep PR


Hit a PB in the Helicopter:

Okay, on a serious note matched my old PR with a 450 Deadlift before I go heavier though I have some work to do on the form so I don't injure myself, my form falls apart when I go for maxes.


Wraps. Cheater.

Nice job on the use of bold though!