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Training Percentages and Equipment

I’ve been a little curious to see how or if yall compensate for equipment when running a specific training cycle.

All the routines based on percentages of 1RM would have this issue.

Basically, if your using belts, wraps, suits in your max lift that you don?t always use in training, aren?t you really doing a higher percentage than designed in the program?

I personally have only used knee wraps and a belt so it isn?t much of an issue for me?yet. I just add the wraps and or belt when I feel like I need them to complete a set.

Any of the more advanced guys want to share how you blend equipment into say a shieko or smolov type program?

Al Caslow has an article on training sheiko with super cheater gear


If I was training with a percentage based program, I would adjust for the lift. I have PRs for full geared, briefs only, raw, etc.