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Training partners

I was wondering if their were any T-men in Ottawa. I feel as though I’m the only person I ever see training with some sort of purpose. Also it would be cool if I were to go to a seminar or something and had someone to car pool with. That sort of thing.

Wow, was I surprised when I saw my hometown posted on this board… haha.
What gym in town d’ya pump iron at?

My older brother would be a t-man living in Ottawa. He trains with purpose and cut and muscular.

I’m sure you will find that there are several people from Ottawa who read t-mag on a regular basis. I am one of them. I train at Carleton University and have the destinct pleasure of saying I shared a house with Charles Poliquin when he was studying Human Kinetics at Ottawa University. I trained with him a few times which included doing a squat routine once. I also went out drinking with him over in Hull at a bar called Tabascos.

LCM we’ve met before, I used to train at carleton but not anymore, I believe I told you about testosterone if I’m not mistaken. Travis, I currently train at true form fitness. It’s underneath the Little Ceasars Pizza at Bank st. and Summerset Ave. kitty corner to Heartmans. I train their because the guy who owns the gym is letting me bring in Olympic bumper plates and chains. Cool guy. This is the main reason I no longer train at Carleton. Where do you train?

I consider myself a T-man, (I’m 19). Weird, but cool seeing ottawa mentioned here, anybody wants to chat, bounce some ideas off each other, email me.


Hey, that’s cool, bit of a hike for me…
I live in the west end(Stittsville… well I guess it’s all Ottawa now eh?), so I train out here, at a club called the Thunderbird(on Richardson side road, near Corel Center)… T-bird… haha.
I’m 18 and would call myself an aspiring T-man!
My membership will be up before the summer, so if there are any kickass gyms you guys can suggest for me to check out, I’d definately take a few trips there to train with a bunch of T-Men!

Anyway, since there is no way to post e-mails on the forum here we go. I also assume that they won’t let me post a phone # either. So if anyone wants to get in contact with me to talk training shit this is how you can find me. I’m in the phone book under C. Yuen, just ask for Alex. I live on Sunnyside Ave. So without actually giving any specific numbers or anything, anyone who wants to talk training give a call.
See ya.