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Training Partners SE Houston


Still looking for more training partners in southeast houston. PM or E-mail if you are interested.

We are mostly powerlifters, but have one partner into aesthetics (sp) and I have been dabbling in strongman also.

At my gym, we have 1200lbs plates, 800lbs of dumbbells, safety-squat bar, bands, chains, sled, steel log, one atlas stone (soon to be more), glute ham, reverse hyper, 500lb tire, good music and atmosphere.


We also have a second location in Texas City with similar but different stuff, best being a pro 45 degree raise.

Here is another shot of mine.


exactly where are you located? im in SW houston sugar land/fort bend area


do you know tom mccullogh and mark harris?


Just south of Clear Lake in League City..


yes, I have lifted in a few of Tom's meets and Mark judged one and competed in another...


there in houston....so why not train with them dude?


Tom is way out on the westside, easy 2 hours from my house during the workweek. I had a partner that used to lift with them at Tom's old school and he said he typically got home around 8 and he lived out that way. Getting home at 9 or 10 for me is not acceptable as I have a wife and 2 small children.

Plus I have a gym that I have spent around 5 grand on, I'd like to use it lol...