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Training Partners/PL Club in Ottawa, ON


I'm an intermediate lifter with lofty long term goals, who holds himself to high expectations. I've spent the majority of my training career lifting alone and kinda feel it shows in my progress. I would really like to find some experienced training partners with similar goals (to be as strong as can be) whom I can train with on a regular basis. So if there's anyone out here let me know. If you want more info about me feel please free to ask. Thanks!



Your best choices are Iron Works or Capital Barbell. Iron Works trains in Orleans, Captial Barbell at the Merivale YMCA.


Planning on competing?
check here -www.ontariopowerlifting.org/
there is a lift of clubs and i'm certain there is one in ottowa


Awesome, thank guys. I'd like to do my first meet towards the end of the year. I have a knee issue I've been rehabbing for awhile, so depends on my progress.


There's a shit ton happening in Ottawa:

ultimatefitnessgyms.com are out of Renfrew and run by one of the top ranked women in the country. She competes CPU (IPF), her husband competes CPO.

Capital Barbell and Iron Works are both out of Ottawa and excellent clubs. See this page for contact info: http://ontariopowerlifting.org/clubs.htm

If you're looking for a meet in your area: http://ontariopowerlifting.org/Calendar/ottawa_open_2011.htm


Thank you, I got in touch with Ironworks. I've heard of ultimate fitness but I'm kinda confined to the city due to transportation. I'll definitely be at the meet in some form.


Where do you train out of? I just switched gyms to Marshall's (in the west end on Wellington) and follow a 2-day/wk 5/3/1 program. Could always use a training partner.


Hey Kdubs, I alternate between goodlife at St Laurent and Rideau. I can train evenings and weekends. I'm also running a 4 day 5/3/1. You know I've never heard of Marshall's but looking at their site it's got me interested. What's your op on the gym, can you use chalk? I notice a good selection of dumbbells and a trap bar, any other interesting things you don't see in the typical commercial gym?


Sarah rocks. Very unassuming in day to day life but once you see her lift, you can't help but be impressed. My favourite vid of hers was at last year's Arnold's when she was benching and there was Sylvester Stallone sitting like 20ft away watching. Sure she missed the lift, but she got to lift in front of Rambo!


Paul is a beast too- attended his first seminar (with Sarah, and Shane Church- 960lbs squatter @ 242). If you get a chance to learn from the Vallaincourts, please do. They were also selected by Defranco as part of his initial mentorship program.

Marshall's seems to allow chalk as long as you're respectful about it's use. I've had a couple DL sessions there and no one has said boo.

The website does lie a bit- no 125lbs dumbbells in sight. The trap bar is also a fuckin beast- York model weighing 80lbs. I've used a different model and found the York to be subpar, but whatever. The gym is pretty minimal- some bumper plates, about 4x 100 lbs plates, and 2 squat racks. It's basic, kind of quiet, and not far from my place. If you need something fancy, probably not the place for you.

Either way, get the fuck out of Goodlife. New Body on St Laurent has 120lbs dumbbells, but is more of a bodybuilding gym. I was training there before switching to Marshalls and they never had an issue with chalk etc. Hell, in the intro/tour I was told i could drop weights.

Lemme know if you need anything else via pm.


The University of Ottawa gym was ok. some usable bars and 3-4 sets of squat racks (not cages). Chalk was ok, lots of people used it, I think the teams workout at the gym on king edward.


I've been there before too- not horrid, but very crowded even on off hours. Trap bar was a much better model than the Marshall's York unit. Guess it depends on the environment you're looking for.