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Training Partner

Just moved to Naples Fl. from the other coast. I’m looking for a workout partner, any out there that live near? I have my own private gym. PM me if u live close by & are looking to take your training to a new level.

bondage, role playong, s&m…etc


Yep, I knew some shit like this would come up, oh well it’s funny. Would be badass if some babe get ahold of me. I’m praying.

Babe whos a pre-op tranny?

Babe who has "issues’ with men?

Babe who feels big is beautiful?

Babe who feels that the intimacy invloved in saying “hey can you spot me?” leaves you bonded together forever to the point where she stalks you and tries to kill any women you speak to?

Just checking what sorta babe you’re looking for.