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Training Partner Wants to Use for April Show


My training partner wants to compete in the same show I am doing next April...Currently he is drug free but wants to use aas for this show. He has some weaknesses and needs to add mass but who doesn't. If you had 1 year how would you approach this?

I was thinking of him maybe going Test E and Deca with adex throughout for offseason...run a full pct in between before starting contest prep.

Contest prep (adex throughout as well)
weeks 16-8 Test, Eq
Weeks 8-contest Test, Tren, Mast

Simple and not too crazy.

Would like to hear some other ideas bounced around though, if you had 1 year and needed to add mass how would some of you guys approach it?


If I had one year I would use peptides the whole time: GHRP-6 (or GHRP-2) and Modified GRF (1-29). I don't have any contest experience, so I'll leave cycle advice to others.


I've done some reading on peptides (not a ton) and they do seem pretty useful. I'm not sure if those two compounds themselves could really prepare one for a contest. As far as physique enhancement goes I don't think those are quite the "muscle builders" that say a Testosterone is. I could be wrong though as I have zero experience with them.


Yeah, peptides have some value, but as with GH, they don't come close to comparing to AAS in terms of effect. If he's natural at this point in time, I don't think he needs to go crazy and start injecting GHRP-2/6/ipamorelin... + modGRF three times a day in addition to AAS. That said, it probably wouldn't hurt and might even help with leanness down the line, but compared to his test bulk cycle and his tren / mast cut, it'll be relatively insignificant imo/e.