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Training Partner Wants to Inject Again

My 18 year old training partner went on steroids for a number months toward the end of last year and got pretty impressive results because of them.
he has decided that he wants to go back on them again for another few months and I am really trying to convince him otherwise.

am i right to do this??
i really know very very little about steroids so please dont shoot me down.
like what are the negitaves of going on steroids at such a young age??
i may print this out and give it to him as a way to prove my point if it goes how i tihnk it will.
thanks guys, sorry for being a pain in the ass

The negatives to using anabolic/androgenic steroids at 18 years of age by Testanabol.

Once upon a time, there was an 18 year old boy who had a friend called, Flash Gordan.

He decided that even though he was at the peak of his natural hormonal existence, puking out Growth Hormone and Testosterone by the bucket load, he would turn to the dark side and take steroids.

His friend, FlashGordan, who was a very wise and forward thinking kind of guy got some facts and advice about his friends plan.

The advice was this;

Dont Fuck with your hormonal system when your 18 you dumb sonofabitch.
Taking Steroids at 18 could fuck you up for life, destroy your natural testosterone production, give you a pair of titties and leave you looking like Marilyn Manson.

It was also stated in a calmer and more placid manner that said friend of flashgordan should make the most of this amazing period of his life, eating a good diet that provides an abundance of quality calories and following an exercise routine built around the cornerstones of squats and deadlifts.

All fucking about aside mate, your mate has a good friend in you so hats off to you.

Tell him the above, maybe leave out the dumb sonofabitch thing;) tell him to focus on diet and training, 6 - 8 quality meals a day, supplements that are proven to work well, creatine, fish oils and a good multi vit/mineral complex.

Hope you can talk him out of it.

If he continues he will not only be putting out hard work every time he wants gains, but in addition 200$ for his cycle (since he probably buys bought it from someone that marks it up)… and that price is just for now soon he will be spending more and more because the old dose won’t do what it used to.

That’s not even going into possibility lack of kids, and screwed up test production rest of HIS LIFE… the kid hasn’t fully developed yet and won’t till he’s around 25.

But tell him to save them (take more than 2 years to expire - my experience) until he is 20 AT LEAST. Tell him if he waits till his 21st birthday you’ll take to Chuck’e Cheese’s to celebrate and give him his steroid shot in the kids bathroom, BUT only if he waits. (worked for my four year old when he begged to take 'em - he’s 9 and still clean. does GHB but atleast he doesn’t do steroids)


cheers guys, gonna get this printed off n give him a look, will hopefully prevent him dying by the age of 45

[quote]testanabol wrote:
The negatives to using anabolic/androgenic steroids at 18 years of age by Testanabol.

(insert story here)

Hope you can talk him out of it.


I call movie rights.

OP, tell us what he says. An 18 yr old shouldn’t even be playing with the idea of the thought of possibly thinking about using steroids.