Training Partner - Rochester NY

Rochester NY guy here – I lift at World on East Ave. I’m looking for a serious lifting partner. I have been training for years and when I have a partner, even if it’s only for 1 or 2 days a week, my gains always go thru the roof.

Most recently I had a buddy lifting w/ me 1x a week doing chest workouts only. My bench went from around 315 in June 2012 to 375 in sept 2012. It was great! He moved away Oct-Dec and I tried to carry on without him, even just to keep my gains where they were, thinking he’d be back Jan 1st but he told me at Christmas he’s not moving back now, so I’m looking for a new partner to get this going again.

Addicted to getting stronger and bigger. Want to start lifting with someone who understands that need and shares it.

Hit me up if you are interested and we’ll talk.

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