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Training Partner or Not?

How many of you lift by yourself and how many actually have a regular training partner?

It’s been a good 7 years since I’ve had a training partner and I miss it a lot. Life, different schedules, different work-out ethic seem to have left me to work out by myself. Whenever I need to spotter, I usually ask some random dude and he usually fucks up the spot in some way.

How many of you are in the same boat?

No training partner… don’t even bother asking for a spot. I’m pretty good at forcing out a rep if I have to.

Once I get to the point where the last rep is barely completed and I’m getting shaky I know I’m done.

However, I’m pretty sure my bench would be helped by doing some heavy negatives once in a while.

I am really lucky, I have a regular training partner Neil but also the powerlifting club we are members of are also training partners, we all generaly train Tuesday pm and Thursday pm, and possibly at the weekend.
If for whatever reason Neil cant make it, there’s usualy Dave / Gary / Russ / Darren or Helen.
Lucky Dax

I train by myself and it sucks but until I find somebody with similar goals…
As far as finding a good spotter: Know who is in the gym and who knows how to lift and find them when you need a spot. Of course that is the optimal scenario. Otherwise find the best person you can at the time and tell them emphatically to not touch the bar until they see you fail. If you want a good spot sometimes you have to tell them how to spot. The same goes for when somebody asks you for a spot. Make sure they know they are doing all the work and you are there to make sure they dont hurt themselves. But you probably already know that. If you cant find a spot then you better know your weights and 1 RM and dont lift with your ego.

It’s interesting though, when I lived in Europe, it seemed as it everybody was lifting with training partner and the opposite seems true here in the States. Wonder why that is.

I need to work out at Dax’s gym…

I haven’t had much luck with a consistent training partner. I’ve never found anyone with the same drive as me. I’ve never found anyone that can show up consistently. I’d prefer to find someone that is much stronger and more of a mentor, but no luck.

Simply put, I haven’t had a GOOD training partner since I was in High School (13 yrs. ago). Given that, I prefer to workout alone. However, if someone met my high expectations, then I’d gladly train with a partner.

I wish i had a training partner. i know my numbers would be much higher in the bench and squat indicative by the numbers i put up in the deadlift where you don’t really need a spot for safety. laters pk

No training partner. Sometimes it does suck a little not having someone to push you through that final rep. However, I can fly through a workout faster and build up alot more intensity on my own.

I stopped training with a partner more than five years ago. Although I occasionally miss having someone there to help give that extra push or motivation, I train just fine alone. And I don’t have to wait for anyone or work with someone else’s schedule or anything like that. Besides, most people don’t train like me or want to do the same programs or have the same goals. It makes it hard to have a partner like that.

having quality training partners can make a huge difference in your progress…

I encourage you all to find a few…

I’ve never had a training partner.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who did, and they all say the same thing. Partners do one thing- they quit.

Really, the only time I was looking for someone to lift with, was when I started westside. Nobody at the gym trained like a powerlifter and there really isn’t a local public powerlifiting gym in my area.

That said, a good partner can be all the difference for intense workouts.

I work with a training partner and he rules. I seem to accomplish things I never could on my own, mainly because we’re always jacked up and excited before we work out. Our 3x/week total body training is a freakin event for us. We nail our pre-work out meals, listen to some hardcore metal before we go down to the U of Wash. IMA (which is awesome by the way) and rock it. Amazing weight room for a college. True T-Man territory - minimal female population, (they stay upstairs on the machines and cardio equipment) guys workin hard, and just lifting heavy. I recently put up a 1/rm of 200lbs on the bench press which came out of nowhere for me (I’m 5’8" 131lbs, bulking at the moment).

It wasn’t always like this. I had to build him up to be a quality training partner, educating him in Berardi and the ways of the T-Man. He has been saved from lifting light to get cut, and having really just started working out like a T-Nation reader 3 weeks ago, has put an additional 45lbs onto his bench press.

So my advice, when in doubt, sucker one of your friends into lifting heavy :slight_smile:

I have a training partner. We have been training together for about 3 years. It is relaxed, if one of us doesn’t make it, no big deal. We are able to push each other, watch form, spot, all the usual benefits. There have been times when I didn’t want to go to the gym, but I knew my partner was there getting stronger. So outta bed and to the gym. Another big benefit is when we are doing supersets, I’m doing one lift while he is doing the other. No one can jump in and interrupt our flow from one exercise to another. It has worked well for both of us.

I don’t realy have any training partner but I train at my university’s gym and I’ve got some classmate and friends training at the same time, so when I need a spot I just ask and they do the same with me. I realy like it that way.

I don’t have any “fixed” training partner but there is almost always the same 5-6 guys who train when i’m there so spot is not an issue. If it’s not the case, then i just put more attention and terminate a set when the last full range positive reps is Completed.

keep fighting

There are times when I’d like to have someone spot me on a bench, or on shoulder exercises. But for the most part, I don’t see the need for a training partner. I don’t need someone to encourage me when I’m puking. I don’t need someone to call and say they can’t make it tonight.

I like training alone. My gym. My music. My tempo. My puke stains.