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Training Partner NPC Jr Nationals

Just wanted to post a little congratulations to my training partner and to brag on her a little. She got second place in the Heavyweight division of the NPC Junior Nationals. Below is a link to more of her pictures from the show:


I believe she should’ve gotten best of show as well as first place in her class. But all the same, not bad for a biology teacher. Right? :slight_smile:



Congratulations, definitely a lot of hard work there. The back development is phenomenal.

Holy Crap! What a back! Great job.

That’s impressive.

The posing at times isn’t perfect. Would benefit from some extra work.

She attributes her large back to her years of deadlifts. Still though, she’s strong for a 42 year old.

Yes, a 42 year old. I know it sounds crazy but she’s doing another show I believe in December.

Definately inspiration and a wonderful training partner.