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Training Partner, Different Programs


So I've always trained alone, and I like it that way. But today a guy came up to me and proposed being training partners. I've turned down a few but I found myself saying yes this time. I've been unable to do the main lifts for about 8 months due to a lower back injury and he's been unable to cause of shoulder surgery. His lifts were about the same as mine before the injury and were similar in height and weight. Im a bit more nerdy about training/nutrition but he seems to be a hard worker and has been going at it for some time.

My question is this. How do you train with someone without doing the exact same program? Also is this even possible considering he's good to start lifting heavy again and I still have about another month


Um if you're not even doing like over 50% of the same lifts with similar weights/sets/reps, I wouldn't really bother. I mean sure, spot each other and shoot shit between sets and help each other out with form and stuff, but if what you're doing is THAT different, you probably won't work as "proper" training partners.


I think having a good training partner is worth changing your program in most cases.


Well the thing is were both willing to work with each others program to an extent. The big thing is were both gonna do the same main lift each on the same day and also we both have the ultimate goal of getting stronger in the basic lifts. I haven't seen hi, deadlift or squat yet but by his numbers I'm assuming his form is adequate


This is similar to what my lifting partner and stuff did last year. Do the main movement together, maybe a supplement movement, and because we had different 'pump' exercises we liked we would do some of those separately. And so if I needed a spot for something else or help with some forced reps I'd just get him at that point. Works fine IMO


Well shit, if you're doing the big lifts the same on the same days, go for it dude. That's what mostly matters anyways. Also, if you do different assistance exercises, you can compare how that seems to affect main lifts, and learn from each other in that regard.


Hungry4more- I never thought of it that way, good input. He's gonna start this month and hopefully ill start soon after. So he'll be a bit ahead but it's no big deal