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Training Partner Choice


Anyone from the past or present, someone you think you'd learn from or be driven by - or just plain enjoy the company of. Sure it's a not really meant to be a serious question but hey!

I think it would be an experience to train with, or rather be told what to do by, Vince Gironda in his gym (pic)

If i didnt hurl after doing sets of front squats with 30 seconds rest between them then the lovely shake of half and half stirred in with a dozen raw eggs would give me another opportunity soon after! (and he'd throw me out of the gym for messing up his floor!)

I'd learn a lot from him anyway, very intense man with lots of experience.


I've always wanted to train with Ronnie just so we could both yell out "Light Weight Baaaabbbayyyyyy!!!" Plus he lifts some awe inspiring weight... Nothing like watching a guy dead 800 to make yourself step up to the plate.

The fact that he is on teh joose makes little difference, as any pro in the last 50 years most likely was. So lets leave that argument by the wayside from here on out.

T-Nation wise I'd love to train with Thibs, he seems like an encyclopedia of knowledge and I would imagine he could put you through the ringer 7 ways to Sunday.


Oh... And I might want a run with Arthur Jones just to see if H.I.T. really works.


Alwyn Cosgrove, since his area of expertise is fat loss as opposed to getting heuuge, which I'm not interested in.

I agree with with his training philosophies, I think he could really motivate me on some afterburn workouts, I love accents, and he's pretty cute.


Arnold in his prime as a partner for sure. Pumping iron was way way funny.

For a trainer, probably Joe Defranco.


gotta go with Arnie


i'd like to train legs with tom platz and back with franco or dorian everything else i'd ask for arnolds help


::points to figure competitor gallery::

Any of those would due :slight_smile:

Serious: Joe DeFranco. WSFSB gave me my most progress by far, and was the first athletics-centered program I ever tried.


Killface Or Platz.


Yates, no question. Man was hardcore, and the definition of intensity. How could you not go above and beyond after watching him do a set.



Pyros Dimas that guy would teach me to be much more explosive which is what I'm looking for in my training atm.






I'd go with Franco Colombo. The guy has 2 doctorates and has a limb structure close to mine.


Training with Marunde would be a blast, I've recently gotten into strongman stuff and from all accounts he was a great guy on top of being one of the best.



I'd make him split his muscle groups up so he trained one per day or per session. Then I'd make him use nothing but dumbbell isolation exercises. Every set would be done to failure. Every rep would be under tension for a long time with slow controlled technique.


I would go find Arnold Schwarzenegger and train with him for a few weeks, even though we'd be doing everything wrong and against the grain of what is supposed to be the best way ...we'd just say "fuck it" and accept our "FANTASTIC" physiques.



I'll echo two that have been said before, Dymas and Marunde. Dymas is the greatest olmpic weightlifter ever, IMO, and Marunde was a phenomenal strength athlete clearly taken from us before his time.

I would love to try with Ed Coan and Captain Kirk. I'd be a much stronger individual under the tutelage of those two giants of the powerlifting game...


My first choice would be Frank Zane.

Franco Columbu and Lou Ferrigno in close seconds.


Stan McQuay or Kevin Levrone just for the atmosphere and personality.

If I was to choose seriously, then probably CT because I have fat-boy genetics.


Jesse Marunde/Bill Pearl