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Training Parameters for the Prowler


Just got myself a Prowler.

How should I integrate it into my routine? Training goal with Prowler is conditioning of course.


I have been using it 2x/week with no ill effects to my strength work thus far. I will probably bump it up to 3x/week soon, with the only off day being the day before squats.

For conditioning you're going to want to do sprints with light weight. Just try it a few times and see how it feels (it feels horrible). You should be able to put something reasonable together after the first 1-2 sessions.


Definitely start out slow. I haven't had that much access to a Prowler, but they humble you. Hard. They work as a great finisher to a workout. The way I've used/seen them used is with intervals, either distance or time. Examples: 3x30seconds on/60 seconds off or 5x50m with 45 seconds of rest in between sets.

Have fun! They're such a great tool.


after your workout, push it until you puke.


Here is my custom made prowler by the way.


This is pretty much what I do. Not too scientific, but it seems to be pretty effective thus far.



Great to see you using a Prowler! Drag it or push it. Be prepared to examine your lunch!

The parameters for pushin/dragging are the same as weight training in general as it IS resistace training. Therefore your major considerations are pretty much the same:

Target Muscle's
Exercise Order

But probably more importantly with pushing/dragging

Time Under Tension. It's very simple to go for weight/distance/time with a sled.

To keep it simple :

1 - 20 secs - Strength
20 - 75 secs - Hypertrophy
75 - 180 secs - Strength Endurance

Manipulate load/sets/TUT as you would to progress in regular training, the key being to get stronger no matter the goal.

Once you do a certain distance with a certain weight in a certain time you may then aim to :

Do it with more weight, same distance, same time, same rest between sets
Do a greater distance with the same weight and same time, same rest between sets
Do the same weight with the same distance in less time, same rest between sets
Do same distance with same weight in same time with LESS rest between sets.

It's all f@#$in hurts though :slight_smile:

Hope that helps a little.


So what about fitting this in programming wise? The responses so far have mainly discussed what to do with the prowler. But I've always wondered where one fits this in.

Do you incorporate this as a part of your cardio/conditioning routine? Or maybe your doing this on a lower body day?


Dude! You made that?! That's awesome...best homemade example I've seen so far. How did you do it? Are you a metal fab guy? Or maybe you know someone?

And do you have any plans for this one that you can share? Measured drawings?


Oh my friend's friend is a metal fab guy.

Here is a blueprint if you're interested.(I know it looks awesome,our training crew feels very proud of it as well,hehe)


That's awesome, bro! Thanks for the drawing. Do you mind if I share this in the future if someone is looking to build a sled?


By the way,pushing with the low handles is hell!

No problem about sharing the blueprint.

By the way,here is a 12' log the guy made as well


Why the f**k can't I have friends like that?!

Or a better question is, why the f**k can't I do some shit like that.

I should've hung out with our metal fab guys when I was in the Army...could've gotten some free training.


Dude that's some sick equipment you got there. The replaceable skis on the prowler are cool as hell too!!


I was thinking about getting one to get lean? I don't powerlift.


That home made one looke better than their econo model.


i'm jealous.


Just push it 2-3x a week, doesn't really matter when. If you lift legs twice a week, then push after legs.


Dude, your custom made prowler is the shit. My boy's gonna make one and if you don't mind I'm gonna give him your blueprint to copy.


never used a prowler, closest i come to a prowler is pushing weight plates across the gyms floor. gets the heart rate up and tears my legs up.. is it safe to compare this to the prowler or is the prowler experience just so much more intense?