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Training Pants Too Long, Suggestions?


Hey guys, I had a quick question.
My job (personal trainer at my college) gave me some athletic pants to train in. They had to give me a large because I can't fit my thighs into mediums. I know my thighs aren't that big, but now my pants drag on the floor, which makes me look like an idiot. I don't have a sewing machine nor know how to use one.

Is there any cheap way to fix them?
I know there are some glue strip things you can iron on, which I've used before, but these have a zipper down the side, so that option is out.

Thanks ahead of time.


Roll 'em up and staple them.


^^ OR...a needle and thread. You don't need a sewing machine to sew.

Roll them?

Cut them?

This can't be hard to deal with, can it??


cut them up

do work with that razor



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Wear stilts.


Option 1 - Kill man with longer legs and steal his....the surgery to reattach them may be expensive...or not exist yet one of the two.

Option 2 - Steal woman who can sew and have her do it. You could always just ask a woman but where is the fun in that?

Option 3 - Duct Tape. There is no problem that duct tape can't solve.


Buy pants that fit.

Take the ones you have to a tailor and have them altered.

Shave of your chin strap beard. That'll help with part of the "looking line an idiot" problem.


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Do you really have to start a thread over something like this? What is up with people and their pants?

If it's really a problem, just go to a dry cleaner that does alterations...


My pants don't fit what should I do? Lucky for you we have the internet.


What is the deal with you and Pants OP? This is your second thread on your outfits.


Local dry cleaners often have a alteration services. It won't cost you anything to have the seamstress take a look and give you a price of what it would take to shorten the legs. Then you can decide if it's worth it.


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Pull them up to your armpits. Problem solved.


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