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Training Overseas

Ok, as my title read, Im in need on some advice concerning my diet and training whilst working in indonesia. I will be there for around 4-5 weeks. I really dont know whether the hotel I will be staying at will have a gym(I f@#n hope so). And I think the 3 usual meals will be provided. Im goin to take cans and more cans of tuna. I hope to possibly buy some WPI when Im over there, dont really want to take any over in case of customs(not worth the hassle). I want to keep as much of my gains as possible. If I dont have access to a gym, is it possible to maintain what I hav without bodyweight excercises, and keeping up wit a “make do diet”, ie…enough protein from tuna and whatever I can get, carbs and fats wherever I can get a good intake off.


There should be at least one gym in the area. If not try bodyweight exercises or try one of the portable gyms available from LifelineUSA.

Something is better than nothing.

I have no info to give, particularlt as Indonesia is a bloody big place, but weight gyms are often the first exercise places that crop up enven in the poorest places. The shower rooms may be located in the nearest Intercontinental and there will be no cardio bunnies, but they will be there.

For more detailed info, check with your embassy in Djakarta. There will no doubt also be expat gyms at often high cost, but do abit of search and you should be ok.

Thanks for the info guys. WIll do some more research…

Ok guys, still in need on advice…diet wise, and training wise? Im going to be offshore for most of the time I think!! and staying on a barge, which Im sure doesnt have a training facility