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Training over talking

Every gym has them. The jabbering, gossiping fools that are nothing more than a distraction to your focused, intense training.
How do you deal with them? Ignore the individual, tell them politely that you are in the middle of your training session, or do you get rude with them so that they “get the message”?
Personally I have found that keeping to myself has been most effective. If someone attempts to start a conversation, I’ll just go right into my set while they’re talking and they usually stop at that point. That 60 minute training session is just to valuable for me to screw up.
So how do you deal ???

The worst was when this janitor used to talk to me, right during the middle of a set! I would just keep lifting and wouldn’t answer her until I finished.

Had some guy the other day ask me if I used supplements?!? What kind of a question is that? I mean, what makes you ask that question? Do I just look like a supplement user or something?

Ko and I are pretty much in our own little world while in the gym. There’s a few people (and I mean like, 2 or 3), that will come over and talk to us. But it’s usually training related (since 2 of 'em are competitive BB’ers). Other than that, our own little world.


Headphones. If the batteries die while I’m lifting, I still keep the headphones on. They send the “don’t bother me” vibe better than anything I’ve tried, although inevitably, there is always the occasional ignoramus to interrupt me.

This site and board have taught me a great deal, however this pales in comparison to the body of knowledge that I have aquired from individuals larger than myself, who stopped and took time during their workout to answer whatever question I may have had concerning what they were doing or lifting in general. I thank G-d that there are more people out there, who feel that helping a stranger and passing along what you have learned, is more important than finishing your workout 5 to 10 min faster. A great big Thank You to those whose hearts are bigger than their muscles.

I just totaly ignored the person and he got the point. I usually like to throw my sweat around to mark my territory. It works :slight_smile: laters pk

Well I’ll tell ya, I got so sick of hearing Yuppies talk about tires, stocks, and their new fancy pants palm pilot, that I broke down and bought $2500 worth of powerlifting equipment, and I now work out at home. The worst was the inevitable: YUPPIE: “What are you doing” ME: Deadlifts. Yuppie: “Oh, that can’t be good for the back” ME: I hold two state Powerlifting records, and my back is still just fine" YUPPIE: Ya, I guess if all your doing it lifting the weight to your knees, or hips, then I guess that cant be too hard"…By this time I was in the middle of another intense set, and ignoring him/her. I just got so sick of it. Anyway thats how I dealt with it.

try wearing headphones when you workout…even if they are not on. I am an trainer at my club and would never get anything done if t wasn’t for my headphones.

Headphones work great. Plus you controll the music wich can get yuou pumped. I found if you just stare at the floor, and don’t even make eye contack with people they will leave you alone. I only talk mybe a total of 3 mins a work out and that only to a handful of guys who are bigger then me.( just before a work out). Now if people still don’t get the idea, Xander I know your gonna tell your story, tell to fuck off. Seriously.

Dave Draper use to wear ear plugs while working out. One time in the late sixties, at the Mid-town gym a friend and I were watch Arnold training. My friend asked Anorld a question between sets. His reply was, " Not now, later." True to his word, Arnold spent five minutes talking with my friend and I after he had finished his workout. I have a Timex Ironman watch, with the cunt down timer set for 10 second less than my rest period. If someone is talking with me between sets when it goes off I excuse myself for my next set. Usually between sets, I stretch and do a yoga breathing technique called alternate nostril breath to strengthen my focus. This tends to keep people at a distance.:wink: At one time when I worked at a gym as a trainer, I had a shirt that said on the front, “Training Now, Not on Duty” on the back it say “Ask someone else” 95% of the membership go the message. Best of Luck.

Headphones send out the message, but occassionally I do have a little chat between the sets. If someone keeps going than I politely tell them that I have to get back to my workout. Besides I go during my lunch hour (2 hour to be exact) and cant afford to chit chat.