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Training Over 40 - Rest / Workout Ratios??


Hey everyone, I did not see an intro forum so I guess I'll jump right in. I've been trolling the net looking for some place to post for a while now, and this place seems to have some seriously knowledgeable folk, so here goes.

I would like to hear from some of you (especially runners with a strength and conditioning regimen) how you work running into your schedule. I'm already doing 5-6 days/week at my gym with lots of cardio, HIT, plyo, rope, chins, but need to ramp up the running for some events I have coming up.

I'm 5'6 143lbs and 42yrs old. I can do the 6 day a week thing but my body likes 5 if the workouts are heavy.

Thanks Chris


Welcome. In order for you to get the best advice, I suggest you include more specific information concerning your goals (e.g. your upcoming events).

What distance are you training for? What is your experience running that distance and in general? Assuming you can already complete the distance what is your current time? Your goal time? How long do you have to train? What’s your nutrition look like? Any injuries?

If you’re running a 10k next month the advice would be different than if you were running an ultra marathon next year.

All the best.