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Training only upper body movements

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ok, so i assume you’ll be doing pullups in 2-4 sessions per week. you’ll want to use a neutral grip. If you do that many pullups that often with any other grip, your elbows will get really beat up and may even get bad tendonitis depending on how long you have to keep this up.

I do a lot more than that in my sessions and don’t use a neutral grip. Been doing it for a few years with no issues. How long does it take for the trainee to get beat up elbows/bad tendonitis if they aren’t using a neutral grip?[/quote]

I did high frequency (5x/week) chinups both pronated and supinated and started getting severe elbow pain after about 3 months. I looked up articles on high frequency pullups and most of them recommended using neutral grip to prevent elbow pain, and this fixed my problem. I realize it doesn’t generalize to all trainees but the impression i got from all the articles was elbow pain was fairly prevalent with high frequency supinated or pronated pullups

are there any specific parameters you have for pulling, i.e. a specific grip width, ROM, tempo etc.? [/quote]

In my current plan, I have 1 day where I do 50 weighted chin ups in as few sets as possible (I’m around 4-5 sets with some rest pausing), and on a second day I do 200 partials of pull-ups (It’s about a 3-4" ROM, where I am focusing explicitly on where I feel the lats contract rather than the arms). In the past, I have used a whole bunch of different approaches, to include ladders, rest pausing, partials only, full ROM only, dead hangs, etc.

I don’t employ a specific tempo, I just try to focus on feeling the contraction in my lats.