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Training Only Explosively, No Grinding Reps

I’ve noticed that keeping all reps explosive works wonders for me. And I also use 5/3/1 which emphasis the bar speed.

Jim has also noted that not everyone are fast lifters, like Punisher here noted too.

Things usually don’t go long well for me if my reps slow down. Maybe I’m just shitty grinder.


I know this thread has kind of died but I think this has some merit here.


Absolutely. Thanks for taking the time to explain how you used it.

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I doubt anyone can answer this question since I’d be surprised if anyone on this board has trained this way.

One problem is that to get up to speed would take considerable warmup and ramping. I suppose the warmup could progress with all fast movements. Another is that if sprinting is involved someone may be tempted to grind as they fatigue.

This has me interested, maybe I’ll give it a try for a couple months and see what happens.

One thing to consider is the relativity of speed. One person’s fast may be another person’ slow. Most people’s sprint is Usain Bolt’s jog.

Once it was being discussed and on my mind I had to start doing it. Last couple of pulling sessions have been fast, 3 reps, 10 sets.

Feels good. I’m going to keep at it for a month then ramp up and test maxs. That will be my first real max test since starting back, and will probably be kinda sad.


What program are you doing?


No actual named program. Just a 3x10 reps/sets scheme at speed. About 2 minutes between sets.

For pulling its relatively simple at this point.

Jumping rope for a few sets of 2 minutes.

Stretching/mobility for posterior chain and hips.

Long lunges 4 sets of 10 (each leg) with 50 lbs.

Kettleball (dumbell) swings with 35, 3 sets of 12

Romanian or standard dead lifts (fast) I’m only using 135 at this point, but I’ll settle in on a real number after I test for max. I just started using that after doing a bunch of doubles and singles. I got a little hitch at 275, form got crappy at 295, and 305 felt like real crap.

Dumbbell rows, bumped those up to 50lbs/hand 3 sets/10 reps.

Pull ups - which i suck at.

Maybe throw in some single hand curls, usually 25’s till i get bored.

Finish doing froggy jumps out in the driveway with my kiddo. He’s 4 and we need some play time after lifting.

It probably looks kind of silly, but it’s a work in progress.

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Obligatory kid pic- He likes strongman type stuff. There are a couple of 5lb. hex heads he runs around with and he likes to drag this 20 around between sets of jumping down the steps and playing with my buddies dog.



Ramped up the deads tonight to see how it was going.

Did a little warm up with hex head swings and fast bar bell rows to get things firing.

3 reps@135 fast (bar was floating at the top)
3 @ 185 (still fast, but not that fast)
2@ 235
1@305 (grip failed, needed straps)

Everything past 285 felt the same. It was weird, but smooth and no hitching. I stopped because I figured I got the reps in and felt great, and I didn’t have a belt, so why risk it?

Now I’m going to start using 160 for the speed work for a few months and see where it goes, and maybe get a belt for next time.

I know it isn’t mind blowing weight, but it was a nice gain for a month.

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I think this is what used to be referred to as “make the easy, easier”. Strength doesn’t just work at the top end.

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