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Training Once or Twice per Week Due to Work

Hey all! I just graduated and got a job that has me working 12 hour shifts ranging from 3 - 5 times a week. To put it short: I can’t train on the same days as I work due to lack of time and no available gym but on off-days i got access to a strongman gym.

I was just wondering if there are any guidelines or articles on training with such low frequency (1-3 times per week?) Any personal experiences or different point of views are appreciated as well.

At the moment I am trying to build a foundation for myself as a novice strongman after few years of on and off powerlifting training.

Ps, Sorry if the text sounds weird or has mistakes. I just came back from work and I am very tired and english is not my native language.

I’ve come across weirder sounding text, trust me.

I’m a former shift worker, and you should be absolutely fine. I know 5/3/1 has some templates for thrice and twice a week training but these days 5/3/1 has a tendency to end up as a bit of a rabbit hole, so while it’s a good system enter at your own risk.

One thing I would recommend against is the mentality that you have to cram more into each session because you might only do two a week. Quantity isn’t the same as quality.

What I would suggest is initially setting your training out for twice a week. You know that you can commit to that. Cover the essentials in those two days. If you can, do a bunch of air squats and ab work as well as and bracing drills on your off days. It’ll take next to no time and pay big dividends.