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I was wondering what everybody’s favorite type of training protocol is for trying to lose bodyfat on a cutting cycle. German body comp, meltdown training, short rest periods, etc? Should I not worry too much about it as long as I bust it and eat clean and throw in some HIT?

Also, what are some current bodypart splits? I currently use a 2 on, 1 off, 1 on, 1 off rotating 5 day schedule but am thinking it may be more feasable to design a split that fits in nicely to the standard 7 day week. The one catch is that I play flag football every Wednesday night so I would rather not train legs that day or the day prior or after. All the sprinting kind of simulates a leg routine anyway. Whats everybody’s take please?


I basically train the same as I would any other time…Just cut the carbs down and Add some HIIT training…I love sprints…Just clean up your diet add some extra HIIT training and you should be good to go! A good cutting combo will take care of the rest…(im sure you already know that though :slight_smile:

I agree with redmeanie, just eat clean, reduce calories, lots of protein and get your EFAs…

HIIT is great too!

read “ripped, rugged and dense.”