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Training on Renegade Diet?

I’m going to start with the renegade diet next week. It says that the best time to train is before the overeating phase or dinner. Now my question is, can i train after dinner? Is it very bad or does is not really matter?

I do not know what the Renegade diet is, but personally (and most of my athletes) do not like training after a very big meal. Don’t forget one thing: the body sends mroe blood to the area that need it the most. For example, when digesting a big meal 70% of the blood is sent to the stomach and digestive system. When training the muscles receive most of the blood. So when training when a big meal is not fully digested the body is faced with two options:

  1. take the blood away from the digestive system and send it to the muscles and have digestive issues, nausea and possibly pucking.

  2. keep the blood in the digestive system and have a lowered performance and recovery.

So neither is optimal really.