Training on PCT and Off Cycle

Hey y’all, I just finished my first test e and anavar cycle a week ago. Gained about 15lbs of lean muscle and lost about 6lbs of it.

My question is how should I be training while on PCT. I keep reading all these conflicting things whether I should be training heavy or not etc. And should any changes be made to diet?

I plan on starting my next cycle after 3-4 months, and I was wondering if it would be better to bulk while I’m off cycle and do a cutting cycle, or cut off cycle during summer time and bulk when I start my cycle. Looking forward to hearing from y’all.

Keep training the way you were on cycle. Keep calories at new maintenance. Give yourself the best chance possible to hold on to what you gained.

Now obviously when your strength drops off you won’t be able to hit the same numbers as before, but keep the same general training in place. Don’t go heavier than your limits because that’s how guys end up sidelined for months with unnecessary injuries.


No you gained about 9 lbs of lean muscle and were holding about 6lbs
of water. What you lost in the last week was water. No one gains 6lbs of lean muscle in a week so you damn sure aren’t losing that much muscle in a week.

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Is it not true that the body is in a catabolic state and can’t recover as fast, so you would lose gains if keeping training intensity high?

That’s what I meant lol I just didn’t word it right . My bad :grimacing:

Why would you be in a catabolic state? You don’t have AIDS, you’re just running on zero testosterone for the first few days of PCT. Now if you cut calories back far enough then yes, expect to be catabolic. But if you’re eating at maintenance and training at your usual pace then you’ll respond the way you would have before you were on cycle.

Whether I am blasting or crusing I don’t really change my workout.
Pain or should I say the burn is my guide on how far I can go.
I don’t start counting until the burn then I try to do 6 good reps. times 6 set and I will do 3 different exersizes for the same body part.
Everyone enjoys exersize differently I like 1 body part per day per week. Arms don’t count because you use them for just about all upper body work. Yet I still have a dedicated arm day.

Everyone has to find out what works best for them. I had no gains with body splits or whole body workouts.

Theres a difference in cruising and pcting tho.
You literally wont lose anything on cruise.
Pcting and afterwards will automatically make u lose tissue thats too much for u to hold naturally.

I can keep using weights during a cruise i had used on a blast, after pct its a whole other story.

I agree with @iron_yuppie as usual. Training and diet when your off cycle is arguably more important now than while you were ‘on’. Too many people only train hard when they’re on cycle almost like they don’t want to ‘waste’ the gear (maybe trying to make the most of the gear is a better phrasing)…hen they come off and slack off in the gym and wonder why they lose all their gains. You’ve got to continue to give your body the stimulus it needs on gear or off.