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Training on Hump Day?


I've noticed with my lifts doing fullbody workouts M W F that wednesday seems to be an "off day" where I can't put up the numbers I put up on monday, especially on the bench press. Monday's seem to be the day I put up my best numbers on the bench press (even though they're not that great). I just thought this was, not weird but somewhat intriguing. Just looking to see what the Nation says about this.


Wednesdays are probably off because it sounds like you just benched on Monday.

Pick a different chest exercise, say dips.


Yep, benched on monday. Im looking into switching from a fullbody workout which I am currently doing to a split workout so this should relieve that problem.


Well. Monday you're going to be the most recovered. I hope you see why.


For future planning, if you're deadset on benching on multiple days (especially in a row), try switching something. Be it the incline or the set/rep scheme, you'll likely perform better than if you repeat the same bench workout.


Pssh, I bench eight days a week.


Why? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah i understand why im more recovered mondays. So say monday do flat bench, wednesday incline and friday decline?


Doing incline on wednesday may be a good idea. You may want to NOT push it as hard as you do on monday, either. Regulate your intensity.

Also just because you're doing less on wednesday does not necessarily mean you have a problem. Are your weights going up on monday? If so, then, great. Even weekly increases of 5 lbs is fantastic progress. Hell, bi-weekly increases of 5 lbs is great progress.


I'd say that yes my weights are going up on monday. Within the last 3 weeks I have realized that I have been benching not wrong but technically only half repping, not going all the way down to the chest. So I have been working on that a ton and thus my weight I can bench went down but its not a big deal because 1) my bench needs a ton of work and 2) id rather bench with a full rep than a half ass one.