Training on Honeymoon?

I’m going away on honeymoon for 3 weeks in New Zealand - we’re talking a different motel every night, no chance of using a gym or any kind of weights. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a little bit terrified of losing the muscle mass I’ve built over the last 5 years.

I’ve got some basic tubes/bands, but I’m looking for some kind of simple bodyweight/band related workouts that I can do every other day or every third day to ward off unwanted muscle loss for those 3 weeks.

For instance, for the upper body I could structure a workout like this?

  • some form of push-up variation
  • some form of bent over row with the tube/band (if there’s nowhere to do chin-ups)
  • lateral raises with the bands
  • band biceps curls
  • dips off the bed or diamond push-ups

Anyone help?

Man, don’t be that guy, enjoy your honeymoon - you only get one (hopefully). Do some active stuff with your new wife otherwise, relax. Your muscle isn’t going anywhere and if it does, it’ll be back before you know it.


I’m with tsantos here. It’s your honeymoon dude, enjoy it. You won’t lose any significant amount of muscles in three weeks unless you are 100% bedridden, paralyzed and malnourished for the entire time. Spend some quality time with your wife and get back to training after that.

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Same, enjoy your honeymoon! Spend EVERY SECOND of it soaking it in and enjoying your post-wedding bliss with your wife. You won’t lose any actual muscle mass. You might lose a small amount of strength, which isn’t a big deal and it’ll come back in no time. Don’t stress about it either, just ENJOY!!!

Terrified, really? Terrified. Terrified? It’s 3 weeks on an island with the love of your life, not 6 months in poundmeintheass prison.

With these types of questions, I always defer to a killer quote from Wendler:

"Just train and then take the vacation. When you get back, start training again.


If one trains hard in the weight room, uses AirDyne every day, jumps 3-4 days/week, runs hills/Prowler 3 days week - these “life” vacations are deloads that won’t matter. You come back home and you can immediately jump back on the horse.

The problem is that people rarely take advantage of the time they have at home. Anything less than 100% compliance with ATTENDANCE and EFFORT is not conducive to reaching your goals.

It takes NO TALENT and your GENETICS don’t matter in regard to attendance and effort. Just like it takes NO TALENT/GENETICS to be in-shape and to make yourself stronger than you were before.

So the problem is never about the deload or the vacation.

When I’m on vacation, I’M ON VACATION. I’ve made the ‘gotta find a place to train’ mistake way to many times."