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Training On Gear


Are there any set routines here on T-Nation that are aimed at people juicing?

thinking about doing the full body training when I start my next cycle, thoughts anyone?


I had no clue hormone levels dictated how we're supposed to train, I could have sworne goals did that. By the way, what are your goals?


they don't, but when on gear you can train a hell ova lot harder!

goals = to get as big as possible.


Train the same on or off. Steroids will not let you realize the pain you are putting your body through, and once you come off and you have been grossly overtraining..... you will be in a sad state of disrepair.


I've never felt overtrained in all the cycles I've ever done?


I'm not talking about during, but the long term effects when you come off and the joint and tendon pain is no longer hidden by steroids.


if you're so anti-steroid use, why are you posting in here?

and how does that help me in my questions?


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Im not anti-steroid and how does that not help?


Quit being rude. We answered your question. You should not train any harder/easier while on cycle, dumbass.

Maybe if you weren't so goddamn vague, and just asked if teen steriod use(we know you're a teen) is bad, then you would have gotten the answer you wanted. You goddamn teens and your dbol tabs make me sick.


I near fell off my chair while reading this thread. bloody brilliant!!!

Its true 'wannabeBIG' don't come into the site and say "my goals= as big as possible" we got that from the name, which also was a dead giveaway for your age. These boys will eat you alive with statements like that.
Go back to steroid school, do your homework and next time ask the right questions Eg: specifics...


Its simple: Lift heavy, push yourself, and you will grow.

The best thing about cycling is the short recovery time.



If you've done "all these cycles" in the past, why are you asking for advice? Haven't you figured out how to train by now?


Excuse me, don't call me rude and I wasn't being a dumbass - if anyone is rude, it is you for calling me names.

the guy came across as patronsing, whether he meant it or not, I don't know.

just about everyone I've come across on the net does train harder when on gear - they shove an extra set in here and there.

plus with the total body training, you're only suppost to up the weight each training seassion by 1-2%, that just seems like a little amount and could be upped a little more when on gear?

I think my question/therory is valid, so don't any of you call me dumbass!


my birthday is 2nd september 1977.

I've read and read and read about steroids for the last 4 years bud.


because in my eyes, you can never stop learning.


hehe this thread went well.

bump for advice


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