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Training on Cycle


So I've never posted my current training, but im 5 weeks into this and wondering what I should alter while blasting.. This is what I've been doing for the last 5 weeks, just increased my test and starting Fina next week....


Pull-ups - 8x3 (25lb weight)
Bent over rows - 205x8x3
close grip lat pull down - 150x8x3
incline DB press - 85x10x3
flat DB press - 95x8x3
Dips - 12x3 - sometimes weighted w 25lb weight
shoulder BB press - 135x10x3


Back box squats (LOW) 245x8x3
Front squats - 185x8x3
hamstring curls machine - 175x8x3
leg ext machine - 155x12x3


Incline BB chest press - 225x7x3
Decline DB chest press - 100x8x3
Dips - failure
pull over - machine 110 I think?
shoulder press machine - 155x8x3
decline skull crusher - 95x8x3
DB bicep curls - 55x8x3
BB shrugs - 315x10x3


Deadlifts 315x6x3
Bulgarian split squats - 135x8x3
Romanian deadlift - 175x8x3
hip thrust - 155x10x3

I do tweak sometimes, or stay longer and do more, switch stuff depending on how I feel... But this is average. Added hand chalk recently and my lifts are getting stronger. I'll obviously be going heavier and maybe less reps while blasting but just looking for critiquing...
I know there's ratio's if your out of balance and so on... For me, built on an ectomorph frame, first time staying at 200 lbs consistently and looking forward to many personal best's coming up.... let me know


You only do 1 exercise for tris and 1 for bis per week?...

Also, maybe move deadlifts to back day...since it is a back exercise. Besides that, you are doing regular deads and Romanians on same day.


you do the same weight every week? problem found. i also give deadlifts there own day


My arms are probably ahead of everything else, symmetry wise. I thought the same thing too. I originally got this routine off this site, some hypertrophy training push/pull article... first time splitting things up like this for me. There was no training in the routine for arms and I actually added them in. I also thought the same thing about deadlifts on leg day, there theory was it's a hip movement, etc... the original routine called for hip/glute raise also, which my gym doesn't equip for... so I added the Romanian DL.

I'm not saying I want to continue this routine while 'on cycle' exactly.... this is just where I'm at right now. I've read so many hardgainer and ectomorph articles that I don't think I'm even in that boat anymore. Before this routine I did a 4 week Olympic lifting routine, that boosted my strength while coming off my last blast and went into this push/pull upper/lower kind of routine which I gained while cruising and it works for me. I'd like to tweak it hardcore for my 10 weeks of Delyterstryl @ 750/800mg/wk, and 4 weeks of Tren Ace @ 50mg/day....

I'm sitting at a solid 200 lbs and approx 14%bf and these are my heaviest off cycle lifts ever... I haven't done any real 1RM in quite awhile since being bigger and stronger but I have a feeling I'm going to grow like crazy this time around.


And no, I dont do the same weight every week at all, I always increase it, as long as I'm getting an extra rep or two with good form. Like I said, I always tweak it as necessary.


Just ordered some Fat Gripz....