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Training on an Empty Stomach?


I'm just speaking hypathetically, would it be a bad idea to train without eating carb's before? Would your body just not use the fats as energy to help you lift heavy weights. Too my knowledge its about glycogen and there would be not much glycogen in your muscles therefore harder to lift heavy weights.

I also understand that carbohydrates is the number one product to stop catabolism or muscle breakdown. Any views would be appreciated.


Dude, unless you are on a calorie deficit, your workout has more to do with how you ate ALL DAY LONG/all week long than right before training. When gaining, I simply avoid having a completely empty stomach because it makes me weaker when my stomach is growling. I usually eat about 2 hours before lifting.

When DIETING, what you eat before is much more important because low carb diets use up stored glycogen. Yes, some carbs before training can help your workout if on a caloric deficit.


Why can't/won't you eat before lifting. Just eat something, ANYTHING. Well, almost anything....a banana, small protein shake, something. But as X said, it is much bigger of a picture than just one training session when it comes to caloric deficit and catabolism.


Dave Palumbo said something about the lines of

the energy used in the workout comes from amino's from recent protein intake

i'll try and find the extact quote


Cheers guys, was looking into more of the science behind it. Just trying to increase my knowledge. At the moment i train a couple of hours after I wake up and have 5-6 scrambled egg on a couple of pieces of wholemeal bread which isn't a lot of carbs sometimes if i can stomach it have some oats and protein powder as well which leaves me bloated, this is what aboat about my curiosity.


Most of your energy is coming from stored glycogen and then any sugars eaten. You should hope your body isn't using amino acids as its main source of energy unless you are in ketosis and purposely taking in more protein to compensate.