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Training on AAS


Whats up fellas, quick question....

I'm 27 years old, 6'4" 212 lbs., 12%bf. Training 5 years, seriously for about 2

Just started a 10 week cycle of Test c at 400mgs, 625mgs front loaded. (1st cycle)

currently doing 3 total body workouts a week. Should this change now that Ive started this cycle? I've been doing total body training for about 2 months and have been making some of the best gains I've had to date. Was previously doing Max-OT but no longer have a workout partner to help with going to "positive failure".

Any input on training protacol will be much appriciated.

Thanks and happy growing


Im not a fan of TBT, but if it has been working for you, you don't need to change anything.

Once you feel like you can, you can up the volume and intensity.

Diet and rest are going to have the biggest play on the effectiveness of your cycle.


When you say 'rest' DOH would you suggest zero cardio whilst 'on' even if one wishes to remain at the same/lower BF level?


Depends on your goals and your physique.

If you can spare the energy (both in performance and calories) then do it. If you want the fitness benefits, do it. If you struggle to gain weight then you may want to avoid it, as i said - it depends on specifics.


Oh - and 'rest' in that context means not lifting 24/7.

Active rest is an excellent way to improve body composition and IME having just 1 day a week of full rest is ample for most moderately conditioned athletes.

Using different exercise intensities, and different exercises you can train the whole body a number of times a week and recover just fine.


As Brook said, by rest, I mean sleeping and taking days off. I have also found that Sunday with no exercise is enough for me. Wednesday is also pretty low intensity, but I do go to the gym.


What is this 'training' you speak of. Inject the AAS. Drugs do all the work. End of story.


haha....Wish it were that simple. I guess what I really wanted to know is now that I'm on my cycle, how much will my recovery improve??? Should I bump up the intensity, volume, maybe workout 1 1/2- 2 hours instead of 1...just trying to maximize every aspect of this cycle over the next 10 weeks.

BTW, My goal with this cycle is just to add about 10 pounds of lean muscle post pct. Im aware that individuals response to training stimuli is exactly that...individual. What works for one isn't always the best protacol for another. Any insight on varibles while training with AAS I may have overlooked is much appreciated.


I don't think you have to extend the length of each particular workout. I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing because an increase in cortisol is less of an issue on cycle but my preference would be to just lift more often.

When I am on cycle I usually add an extra day to my routine, totalling 6 days of lifting per week. I'll also add an extra set to one or both of my isolation exercises if I feel particularly fresh that day. You'll probably feel like you can lift for hours with high intensity but eventually your CNS will feel the effects of pushing yourself like that. If you know your body well, go by feel.


Thanks for your input! Probably try an upper/lower split with added isolation work 4 days a week or go back to Max-OT instead of 3day TBT.


I am (when it comes to my own training) relatively instinctive, so when i begin a cycle i don't deliberately increase the work i do, but simply train to my full capacity no matter what.

This way my recovery matches my sessions (or vice-versa) perfectly.


Usually this is how my training ends up being, whether it be max-ot, tbt, or whatever...its just a guide line to keep me on track and not just arbitrarily lifting. Thanks for the input Brook.