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Training on a Keto diet. Opinions?

I am going to go on the Fat Fast diet for six weeks. At first I was going to try and do meltdown with it, but I changed my mind because a lot of people didnt think it was the greatest idea:) So Im going to train like this Mon:Jump rope for 8 sets of 60 seconds. Tue A.M.:Chest 2 excercises, Tris. 2 excersizes. P.M. Jump rope 8x60sec. Wed:Jump rope alternating with clean and jerks. Thur:Jump rope. FriA.M.:Shoulders 2 excersises, Back 2 exers. P.M. Jump rope 8x60 secs. Saturday: Jump rope Sunday: Clean and jerks. All the reps while weight training will only get as high as ten reps. Please, anyone who feels like it critique this. Thank you all and God Bless.

You are jumping way too much rope. I would go with the classic 5x5 program, 3 day split. You can find a sample program on the Getting Ripped Support Group Part II thread, post: Joel Marion Re:

As for cardio, just sprint 2-3 times a week or conduct an anaerobic jump rope session w/ the same frequency.