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Training on a Busy Schedule?

Hi Paul I greatly appreciate your work! The focus on making diet, training and recovering a part of your life rather than letting it consume you is awesome!

Anyways, I am a full-time student (easily 35 - 45 hours) with a time consuming part-time job in a startup (easily 15-20 hours a week) and a 45 - 60 minute commute too between work, home and school so I easily end up travelling 2-3 hours a day - at the same time I have friends, girlfriend, family etc and I have a hard time functioning if I get below 7 hours of sleep a night.

On my weekends I usually have no set appointments.

How would you approach training, in broad strokes, if you knew you might have 30-45 minutes MAX on weekdays and the ability to do train for long 2-3 hours sessions on weekends and it was going to be like that throughout the year(s)?


Man 30-45 minutes during the week is PLENTY. No one should really be in the gym more than an hour max. If you are, you’re socializing.

If you have 30-45 minutes during the weekdays then that’s plenty. I get in and out in 35-40 minutes each day. No one needs 2-3 hour sessions. No one.