Training Oly Lifts for Type 2 Neuro Type?

So reading this I am definitely type 2. How would you set up a training cycle for oly lifts for that type staying away from singles if that isn’t good for this type? Also what type of warmups?

You should read the article again. It’s not that singles are bad for type 2s, it’s “pure max effort” work that’s bad. Singles can, and for Olympic lifting should, be submaximal. The suggested workouts describe how I trained for Olympic lifting: lots of ramp-up sets focusing on good technique culminating in a heavy but “comfortable” single.

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Type 2a actually make good Olympic lifters, type 2b (who prefer he mind-muscle connection feeling more) will not.

They should use more of a Russian approach where you use mostly sets of 3 reps on the Olympic lifts, doing plenty of sets with 70-85%. And doing heavy singles and doubles mostly in the 4 weeks leading to a contest, but still in moderate amounts

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Thanks CT was that’s actually what I was looking into was Russian, def think I lean more towards 2a than 2b