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Training Okay Or Headed For Problems

The following is a workout schedule I put together loosely based on the 10x3 method. I have been primarily doing crossfit for the past year or so and feel the need to change it up. I have been following ZEBS post on crossfit and in many ways agree with him. I like it a lot but I have always modified b/c I’d rather do more weights than bodyweight exercises and agree about the “atmosphere”. Currently they are bashing some guy from Dragon Door who said it wasn’t for him (pretty much). Anyway, enough of the side rant, here is my workout and my questions are as follows:

a) in general would you say its effective for strenght and some size increase

b) shoudl I slow down on the weight increase and do about 6 weeks of the same weights before cycling or is what I have okay

c) am I overtraining, the cardio days could be rest days or whatever I feel like - I threw in the bi’s b/c I feel mine are lacking - about 16"

d) any other comments you have

Thanks a lot!

Bench Press 10x3 215#
Weighted Ring Dips 10x3 55#
Cardio - 30 min. heavy bag and double end bag, 5x5 Reverse Curles 70#, 21" Box Jumps 10x5
Squat 10x3 255#
Weighted Pullups 10x3 75#
Cardio - 30 min. heavy bag and double end bag, 5x5 Straight Leg DL’s 185#, 21" Box Jumps 10x5
Clean & Jerk 10x3 160#
BW Ring Dips 10x5
Cardio - 30 min. heavy bag and double end bag, 5x5 Reverse Curles 70#, 21" Box Jumps 10x5
Deadlift 10x3 335#
Handstand Pushups 5x5

Plan is to add approximately 2.5% of 1RM to each exercise each week till I get to 95% and then start cycle over but with higher starting point

Also, will be alternation between Clean & Jerk and Snatch on a weekly basis.

Thanks again.

Looks as if you are on the right track
I would probably lose the stiff legged deads. And 10x3 is geared more towards hypertrophy than strength.

Just my two cents but I would either do 5x3 adding weight to each set to a near max 3RM or 10-15 singles followed by 1-2 sets of 5.

Ideally I’d like to get a little bit of both - would an 8x3 split cover that?

Do you think the increase in weights is reasonable every week? Beginning at approximately 80% 1RM and working to 95% or if I choose to do that, stick with the 5x3 you suggested?

You could keep one compound lift per day at 10 x 3 and then add two or three more lifts at 4 x 6. This would not only expose more muscle to anaerobic stimulation but would also spare your nervous system. Even though 10 x 3 is fantastic it gets to be a grind on the nervous system and could hamper recovery.