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Training Off and On 3 Years

I’ve been working out on and off again these past three years. I haven’t been consistent but I’ve been starting to lift regularly again. I want to see where my body is now, so if anyone could tell me how impressive (or not) my body is it be appreciated.
( the pictures below are me flexing and relaxed.

To be perfectly honest? It doesn’t look like you’ve ever lifted a weight…sorry bro, you asked :^ /


Nah man it’s fine thats why I’m here. I’m only 14 so I have plenty of time to improve

Ah 14…well OK, that’s different. I wouldn’t say it looks like you’ve never lifted a weight then. It’s really hard to put on muscle mass at that age, especially if you started at age 11. Also, on and off is not the best regimen to follow ;^ ) Keep it up and my the time you’re 16 you should have more to show for your efforts.


Trying to gain weight during quarantine, i don’t want to be super big going for more of a lean bruce lee look. Ive gained 10 lbs so far and im at about the same body fat. Just want to see if im the only one who sees changes. (I plan to cut and get from 15 to about 10% body fat)

Yes one can see improvement.

Brother, My honest opion and words of wisdom to you, and take it or leave it, but eat big, and lift heavy… you have a good frame to build on, but you need to fuel it… eat and train, and then re evaluate it every year… by the time your 18 or 20, you look good… but this is a game of time my man… you are young and growing… work hard, and reap the rewards…

This is such a bad idea. You’d set up a much better base if you continue pretty much on track instead of specifically cutting. Cutting to get that lean right now would just be taking a few steps backwards.

Also, instead of posting “how do I look” pics every few months, try starting a thread to get training and nutrition advice from lifters who’ve been where you are and have gotten to where you want to be.

Lastly, on the off chance that your username is actually your real name, you need to e-mail Mods@T-Nation.com immediately so we can change it to literally anything else.

I should’ve specified, i meant ill cut once I gain another 10 pounds. If i were to do it now id be back where I started. And no my user name isnt my real one. Thanks for the advice though

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Two things I wanna talk about:

  1. You’re probably way better off setting strength goals.I am not talking about one rep maxes or just the big three.Set a barbell row goal, a pullup goal, an ohp/seated ohp goal ect.You will grow, will have something to chase and overcome the on and off thing, and will have a good base for whatever you decide to do in the future

  2. Start a training log.If you look at the “Training logs” section, people hop in, discuss what everyone is doing, and in general getting bigger and stronger.Just find a funny name for it, like “Cole’s road to Chadness” and start

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