Training of a Twenty-Something

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I tore my TFC in my left wrist last November. Pretty much all I’ve been doing since then is Front Squats, and more recently Squats now that my arm is out of a cast.

My training program isn’t really nailed down right now because of my injury. Lately I’ve been following 5/3/1 for Powerlifting, training just the Squat and Front Squat.

Today’s Training was…

Front Squat: 240X5, 272.5X3, 305X1, 325X1, 345X1

45" Back Extension: 55X10 - BWX10 (The ‘-’ denotes a drop set, commas separate different sets)

Standing Abs (With Spud Long Ab Strap, way better than trying to use the Triceps Rope): 55X15, 70X15, 85X15, 100X15

Then some various curls and wrist curls with bitch weight for rehab.

Squat: 275X3, 317.5X3, 360X3

BTN Push Press: Up to 215X1

Bench Press: Up to 225X1

  • Downhill Dumbbell Wrist Curl: 10X30

  • Uphill Dumbbell Wrist Curl: 7.5X8X4

  • (- YouTube) - 1st & 2nd Exercise in this Poliquin Forearm Training video. Not my favorite author.

Dumbbell Preacher Curl: 17.5X15, 20X12, 25X8

Dumbbell Hammer Curl: 20X8

195 & 215 for Push Press came up a little lopsided with the right arm locking out before the left arm. Having an injured wrist along with a weaker arm is a Catch-22. I could do Dumbbell Pressing to correct the strength discrepancy between the two limbs but I can’t clean the dumbbells up to shoulder level because of my bad wrist.

Military Press: Up to 195

BTN Sotts Press: Up to 135

Squat: 275X3, 317.5X3, 360X3

Downhill Wrist Curl: 12.5X15X2, 15X10

Uphill Wrist Curl: 7.5X15X2, 10X10

Straight Bar Curl: 45X21

Dumbbell Hammer Curl: 20X10 - (Clearly my greatest weakness is here)

1.5 Rep Front Squat to Push Press to Jerk: Up to 205X1

Squat: 185X5, 215X5, 255X5

Bench: 250X1, 205X10

Bench was disappointing. Lost considerable strength there that hasn’t come back.

As usual I also hate the commercial gym experience. But my escape is coming soon.

I did some light front squats and light snatches yesterday.


Squat: 297.5X3, 340X3, 382.5X3, 405X3

That was it

What’s up buddy

Eh wattup Mr. Biceps. I’m following project Jack3d.

Military Press: Up to 192.5X2

Incline Press: Up to 205X3, 225X1

Dips: BWX15, BWX10, BWX5

Dipping strength is down. Looks like I’m gonna have to actually start training my pressing instead of just going heavy and hoping old strength has returned magically.

Front Squat: 230X3, 265X3, 297.5X3, 330X1, 365X1

Front Squat Lockouts: 405X1, 455X1, 500X1

More Front Squats: 300X8

Then about an hour later I did 2 car push sprints with an Acura. Acuras always make me think of the South Park episode where Satan gets a sweet 16 Birthday. Video taped todays Front Squats but Youtube isn’t letting me upload anything.

Youtube Finally Uploaded.

(Front Squats, Lockouts - YouTube

The Big News is I rented a 10X15 storage unit. Currently have 140kg in Iron Weights, 210lbs in Bumpers, and a bunch of 5lb plates so I can go up to 300lbs w/out using kilos. Got Horse Stall Mats for a platform, a Rogue B