Training obsession

Hey T-Dawgs ! Well i just had a lil story to share, that probaly doesnt interest anyone but i felt like i should write it anyway. Im 22 yrs old . I got into working out when i was 17 through a friend of the family that had been body building all his life. I was imediately hooked. I put it before every thing!! I had dated a girl all through High shool and was madly in love with her and i put her before everyone and everything execpt working out. I worked out all the time and dieted, i was doing real good and looking real good for a guy that started at 145 and made it up to 175 within about a yr and a half. Eveyone payed me compliments all the tme and that just fueld the fire of my obsession even more. Well when i was 20 my girl friend i guess was not getting the attention that women need and decided she would find other sources, so she found someone else … and also kept me in the picture at the same time. This went on for about 4 or 5 months with a lot of people knowing but me! ouch! When i finaly found out i was devastated. I couldnt eat,sleep or even think of working out, all i could think about was her and wonder why?? Well i lost about 12 lbs in a lil under 3 weeks and my pursuit of body building was demolished and it made me sick even to go to the gym, thinking that all those times that i was working out i should have spent more time with her and less worrying about my self.

Im not saying that i shouldnt have pursuied my dream, but i was spending around 5 hrs working out and doing cardio, and the rest of the time was spent thinking and planning over it! I know how obsessive that it can get. But dont put it before people you love and other important things. NUMBER 1 dont put it or anything else before your relation ship with the LORD! When you step out of his light bad things tend to happen as they did for me. I am getting back into working out, it sucks that i have to start all over again, but i try not to look at the past and learn from my mistakes to better the future. I know this was kind Corny! OK well real Corny !! but i just wanted to get it off my chest. They may not even submit it in the forum do to estogen boost amd lower T leveleling side effects! Well thanx for listening! God bless and Keep tearin the mucle.!!

Sounds like your trading one obsession for another. Religion can be more addictive than any drug. Maybe you should try keeping an even keel, you know, moderation, a little of this, a little of that. Just a thought.

Check this out: Imagine your life is a 3 legged stool. One leg is for your public life, one for you private life & the 3rd for (I think) your work, etc. When one leg gets too far out of whack, the stool falls over. :slight_smile:

I just had to comment that I totally agree with your comment about putting nothing before God. That is so true. God should always come first and he will make everything else in life fall into place. As I always say “live your life for God and with God and you can’t go wrong!” :slight_smile:

Free up some time to work on your writing skills. That was a painful read.

Man - I am totally with you as far as keeping your relationship with the Lord #1. That applies to both bodybuilding and male/female relationships. That being said, this whole incident might have been a blessing in disguise, because if she was the type of girl who would be seeing someone else behind your back, and not be upfront with you about it or have the decency to break off her relationship with you, then maybe she’s not the type that you’d want to be with long-term anyway. Trust is the foundation for any successful long-term relationship, and if you can’t trust her, then you shouldn’t be with her. It sounds like you are serious about putting your relationship with God #1… look for a girl with that same priority. If you commit your search (and eventual relationship) to the Lord, he will bless that.

Believe it or not, I did a research paper last semester on the subject of being obsessed with workouts to unhealthy extremes. The medical term for it is dysmorphia, although it is frequently referred to as bigorexia nervosa. At first I thought that this was another bullshit disorder that psychologists created. My paper attempts to discredit the theory, but I did come across a few case studies that seemed legitimate. One was a man who lost his job because he kept a blender on his desk for making protein shakes and refused to put it away when his boss told him to. Another was a guy who refused to kiss his girlfriend because he feared that she would transmit calories to him through her saliva. And here’s the killer… a guy who refuses to have sex with his girlfriend because he wants to conserve energy for working out. An unusual topic for a research paper, but I ended up getting an A on it.

Thanks for your insite guys and Haley! Its good to know that their are people out there that understand. I think im going to hold off on the women for a lil while. Too hard to find a good one these days! So ill just have to put my extra time into some more productive things. Thats a cool topic for a term paper ill have to keep that in mind! God Bless

For a thread with such basically flawed writing, it is
actually quite brilliant, in a Machiavellian (i.e. “The Prince”) sort of way!!! It starts out as a post on exercise obsession and later becomes a religious platform. You sure know how to get the agenda out!

I think Drax said it best with the analogy to a 3-legged stool. Any obsession is unhealthy, be it over exercise, over your job, or even over another person. Another word for obsession is addiction, and we all know where addictions lead–nowhere good. It’s one thing to be on fire with something in the initial stage–the excitement of achievment in something new. However, once the novelty wears off, perspective needs to come into play. If you work or exercise too much, something else suffers–usually your personal relationships. If you become addicted to another person and rely on them to justify your own existence, then work and exercise will suffer, as well as all other friendships, as well as your own self esteem.
So, a balanced “stool” is what one should aim at, leaning from one leg to another when the need arises, but always returning to the balanced stage.

Joey, I saw two religous refrences out of two rather large paragraphs. And, they were more of a personal sidenote than anything.