I have a bit of a problem. My left pec has always been a bit larger and more full than my right one. There is no strength imbalances (i can dmbl press and dmbl fly the same weight and reps on each side). My right trap is also a bit smaller. What should I do? Could this be from years of masterbation? Should I stop?

Does anyone have any suggestions for P+F meals.

Thanks for the help.

Switch hands.

You must be a materbating fool if you actually put on muscle from the activity. Maybe I should start masterbating more and use my post workout drinks for after that.

If you’re masturbating vigorously enough to cause hypertrophy, then I’m surprised you haven’t started a fire and/or tore your fireman off. Anywhoos, this sounds like a genetic imbalance that training is unlikely to “correct” (in parentheses because I’m not sure it’s a problem). Sorry, but you may just have to live with it. And stop masturbating, or you’ll grow hair on your palms, go blind, and probably go to hell. Er, just kidding on that last part (I hope, for my own sake).

I have the same exact prob except it’s my right tit. I don’t know exactly what causes this but I have a damn good idea what it is…Have you ever though about sleeping on the other side of your body? The extra weight will make the breast tissue get leaner (less fat, bigger muscle.) Once you notice both are about equal or so, try to sleep on your back from now on or alternate between sides you sleep. One thing I’ve noticed about the side I sleep on is a hell lot more muscular and less fat. I only wish my damn dorm mattress was comfortable enough for me to be able to get used to sleeping on my back! :slight_smile: Oh and btw, if you think one side of your chest is bigger than the other because of masturbation…goddamn, you must be masturbating a lot huh!? :slight_smile:

Joe, the right side of my body looks a bit bigger then the left, I sleep on the left side of my body and on my back. So this would refute your theory… unless I’m a freak or something… anywho I think this is becuase or right handedness/left handedness whichever handedness you are that side is stronger therefore bigger.

I am right handed and that is the side that is smaller. Which leg do you think would be bigger if you do light leg press with one leg everyday? your left leg would probably be bigger. I sleep and lie on my left side and stomach, so i will try to start lying on my right side.