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I found out today that I wont have a weights class during school. So I can lift EVERYDAY! YAY! cept for a rest day, once in a rare while…

So, I analyzed my goals for this year. I NEED mass! I am fairly strong, stronger then anyone else in school, that is what I am known for. But I have too low of a bodyweight, and not enough beef slabs. I am only 165. I would like to change that. I just dont want to put on too much fat. I dont need to loose any though. My other goals are to drastically improve my arm wrestling ability. That is the strength test among us teen agers. I would also like to imrpove my distance in shot put, and javelin, and get ready for annapolis. Suggestions please!

For shot putt, I’d recommend cleans, clean and push presses, pullups, and snatches. These should also help in many other areas if you do them right.

Oh, and for arm wrestling, I would say wrist curls and internal rotator cuff work. I’m sure biceps have something to do with it, but the two above play a huge role.


Take a look at Chad Waterbury’s last article; I think it was in issue #273. Waterbury’s stuff is great, and I think this article in particular will give you a comprehensive program to meet your goals.

Good luck!

another important group of muscles to work for throwing the shot are the core muscles,especially the obliques. I’d suggest some renegade-style one arm olymipic lifts, another good one is medicine ball twists. however the best thing you can do for shot-put is technique work.

didn’t see the annapolis section, definitely read chad waterbury’s (sp?) article, plus check out “diversity for hypertrophy” as the ideas expressed in that article seem to work well with the former article.